• Technology Student Association


    Undr the currennt flextime schedule, we will rotate type of TSA group by the week. 
    1st Wednesday: Robotics (Nov 3, Dec 1)
    2nd Wednesday: Building/Engineering (Nov 10, Dec 8)
    3rd Wednesday: Officers (Oct 20, Nov 17, Dec 15)
    4th Wednesday: Digital Media (Oct 27)
    5th Wednesday: Team Building


    Club dues are $20. Pay at https://www.k12paymentcenter.com/ - You can check out as a guest. Add $5 for a club tshirt, design is TBD but we will order these at the beginning of November.

    Complete this form: bit.do/tsajoin

    Join the BAND app for updates: Download the app and get the code from Mrs. Harrell during Flextime.

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    We use the BAND app. All updates will be provided on the app. Attend a meeting during flextime for the code to join. 


    ***Officer Application Info BELOW*** 


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  • Advisors for CHHS TSA:

    Jackie Harrell (127 - Adobe)

    James Massey (608 - Automotive)


    About TSA:

    We originated this Career and Technical Service Organization in 2015 to help students find like-minded peers and pursue their passion in technology, whatever it may be. 

    The Technology Student Association (TSA) is a national organization of students engaged in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM). Open to students enrolled in or who have completed technology education courses, TSA’s membership includes more than 250,000 middle and high school students across the United States. TSA is supported by educators, parents, and business leaders who believe in the need for a technologically literate society. Members learn through exciting competitive events, leadership opportunities, and much more. A wide range of activities makes TSA a positive experience for every student.

    At Corinth Holders, in the past we have a large focus on....

    • Digital Media related competitive events. We have seen a large success in the events involving videography and graphic design at the regional, state, and national levels, placing at states every year that we have competed and placing within the top ten at Nationals over the past three years. 
      • Digital Video Production
      • On Demand Video
      • Children's Story
      • Promotional Design
    • Drafting and Architecture-related competitive events.
      • 2D CAD
      • 3D CAD
      • Bridge Building
      • Architectural Design (building models, etc)
    • VEX Robotics and Engineering 
      • VEX robotics
      • Engineering Design
      • Animatronics

     For more information on competitive events, see tsaweb.org

  • Officer Applications:

    Use this Google form.(<--LINK). DUE October 15 BY 2PM .

    (Will be announced through BAND after a CTSO Teacher Committee chooses based on form responses. Must be a paid member by 10/15 to be considered. Preference goes to those with experience in TSA and those without officer positions in other clubs.)

    Open Positions (ALL):

    • General:
      • President - Oversees all other club officers. Under normal circumstances, runs full group meetings utilizing parliamentary procedure. Ensures officers meet at least once per month to plan meetings and activities. Runs team-building/Jenga/Brainteaser time and Officer Meetings. Ensures all sections of the club are "on the same page" and ensures annoucements/relevant info is consistent in all club meetings.
      • VP of Competition and Chapter Affairs -  Is responsible for ensuring all things competition are ran smoothly. Will ensure all rubrics are followed for competitive events and deadlines are met in a timely manner. Needs very strong attention to detail.
      • VP of Community and Collaboration - Secretary/Minute-keeper for General Meetings, Ensures community/family feel for the chapter, event-planner, Treasurer (Is in charge of fundraising) Also operates social media and develops content with Harrell approval prior to posts.
    • Digital Media/Research/General Subgroup
      • VP of Digital Media - runs digital media subgroup meetings. General events fall under this as well such as prepared presentation, future tech teacher, etc.
      • Secretary of Digital Media and General Competitive Events - operates in place of Media VP in their absence. Is an aid to VP of Media.
    • Engineering/Building Sciences/Coding Subgroup
      • VP of Engineering - Runs/oversees engineering/building sciences meetings with the help of the secretaries. Covers architecture, dragster, wood shop, and drafting related things
      • Secretary of Engineering - operates in place of Engineering VP in their absence. Is an aid to VP of Engineering.
    • Robotics Subgroup
      • VP of Robotics - Runs/oversees engineering/building sciences meetings with the help of the secretaries. Is a leader of the robotics team
      • Secretary of Robotics - operates in place of Robotics VP in their absence. Is an aid to VP of Robotics.
  • Meeting Schedule

    • Meetings will be twice per month during Flextime, see BAND app calendar for more info. Times that are not meetings when we have flextime will be time to work on competitive event skills and submissions. 
    • First two weeks will be more informational. 

    Tuesday B - Jenga/Brainteasers/Games/Team Building (Officer Meetings once per month)
    Wednesday A - Robotics
    Friday A - Building/Engineering
    Friday B - Digital Media and Design