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    To add money to your student's account online go to:



    To see what's for lunch, click on the link below:


    School Lunch Calendar


    Free or reduced-price lunch applications are available online. Status is determined by family income. Cost for those paying:

    Breakfast:  Full-priced  $1.35; Reduced is Free
    Lunch:  Full-priced  $2.20;  Reduced  $0.40


    Breakfast: A la carte per item.
    Lunch: A la carte per item.

    Milk: $0.50

    Ice Cream: $0.60

    Cookies: $0.25

    Fruit: $0.50

    One additional lunch item such as ice cream, punch or cookies may be purchased when available, but only with full lunch (purchased or brought from home).

    Per county office policy:  No charges may be had for students, staff, or guests.  Students who do not have lunch money or a bag lunch from home will be given a fruit and vegetable tray at no charge.  Students may not purchase additional items.  Repeated instances with no lunch will result in reporting parents to the Department of Social Services for neglect.

    Lunches may be paid for by the week or month.  Teachers/Assistants in Grades K-2 will collect money for students on a daily basis.  In Grades 3-5, money will be collected on Mondays.  Students in Grade 3-5 who do not pay by the week or the month will pay directly to the cafeteria cashier.

    Please pay by the week or month.  Checks should be written to: East Clayton Elementary Cafeteria.  Include the teacher's and child's full name on the check or on a piece of paper with cash.  Returned checks will be liable to Johnston County Schools for an amount of $25.00 plus the amount of the check.  Two returned checks will forfeit check-writing privileges to the school.

    We welcome adults to join us for lunch.  For operational and health reasons, food from outside vendors must not be brought into the cafeteria.  If you wish to bring lunch to your child from outside vendors, we will arrange for special seating outside of the cafeteria.  If you wish to eat with your child in the cafeteria we ask that you sit at his/her class table if there is space available.  Due to space constraints, we do not have enough visitor tables in the cafeteria to meet the demands for them.

    Snack:  The cafeteria will sell fruit, juice, and milk for snack.  All grade levels will collect snack money in the homeroom.  Parents who choose to send snack items are asked to send only healthy snack items.  For health, safety and cleanliness reasons, please do not send soda, canned or bottled drinks, candy or chips.  In order to maximize attention to academics, parties are confined to snack time."