BSC       $77.50

    ASC       $91.00

    DUAL  $168.50

  • East Clayton Elementary School

    Child Care Application





    • Before School Care (6:30 a.m. and 8:25 a.m.)$96.00 per month per child.
    • After-School Care  (3:45 p.m. – 6:00 p.m.) Cost: $113.00 per month per child.
    • Both Early Care and After-School Care Cost $209.00 per month per child.  
    • Registration: A registration fee is required. The fee is $10.00 for either Early Care or After-School Care or $20.00 for both.
    • Drop in Fees: A drop in fee of $10.00 will be applied for any student that utilizes the services sporadically.  This is a separate fee of $10.00 for Early Care and After-School Care and this fee must be paid daily or weekly.
    • Late Fees: $1 per minute per child.  After 3rd late pick up, the child may be dismissed from the program.



    • Before School Care Only: $ 23.00 per child
    • After Care Only: $27.00 per child
    • Both:  $50.00 per child



    Payment is due on the 1st school day of each month.  Late fees will start on the 5th school day of the month. The late fee is $5 per day until the 10th school day.   After the 10th school day without payment, the student may be dismissed from the program. 

    For your convenience, payments can be made any of the following ways: cash, check, money order, online.

    • cash
    • place it in a sealed envelope labeled with the student(s) name, parent name, and program name (BSC/ASC)
    • check
    • Please put child/ren name and program (BSC/ASC) on the memo line
    • Returned checks will be given to CHECKredi for collection.  A returned check for “Non-Sufficient Funds” will result in the requirement of an alternate payment method
    • money order
    • online through K12 Payment center (www.k12 payment center.com).



    It is important that your child displays good behavior.  All JCPS Code of Conduct expectations will be in place and students are expected to show AHOY behaviors. Behavior issues will be discussed with parents promptly.  Students with three discipline issues may be dismissed from the program and fees will be prorated on the number of days in attendance.






    General Procedures:

    • Every morning your child can receive a free breakfast.
    • Each afternoon will include homework time and snack time. Parents please provide the snack.


    Communication Procedures:

    We will use the Remind App for group communication as needed.  Please sign up for one or both of the following apps:

    Before School Care:

    Text messages: Enter the message @eastclayto and send it to the number 81010

    After School Care:

    Text messages: Enter the message @b8hff3 and send it to the number 81010


    Emergency Procedures:

    • All parents will be required to leave updated emergency contact numbers with the staff.
    • East Clayton Elementary may seek medical care in the event that parent/guardian/emergency contact can not be reached.
    • Administration of medications can only be performed in accordance with the Board of Education policies.
    • Inclement weather policy will be followed.
    • When the school system is on a delay, the school's before school care should observe the delay.  For example, a 2 hour delay indicates Before School Care will start at 8:30.
    • When the school system closes early due to a school emergency or weather event, there will be no after school child care.


    Before School Care Drop Off Procedures:

    • For safety reasons- a staff member will have to greet you at the car and your child/children will have to pass the screening process before anyone can exit the vehicle. Please do not drop off and drive away.


    After School Care Drop Off Procedures:

    • Pick-up is in the cafeteria unless a sign is up stating otherwise.  Parents must come to the door to sign their child out.  The parent must list on the application those who are allowed to pick up their child.  If someone is not listed, they will not be allowed to pick up your child.  Identification will be checked daily.  



    Contact Sheron Wiggs: sheronwiggs@johnston.k12.nc.us