Degrees and Certifications:

BS Geology BS Science Education (summa cum laude)

Mr. Jerry Sheppard

Hi. I'm Jerry Sheppard. I am a science teacher at Cleveland High School. I am currenlty teaching Astronomy. Course information and related material are available on Canvas.

My hobbies include gaming (computer games, chess, RPG's) and Shaolin Kung Fu. I am the teacher sponsor for the Anime Club. I, along with Jim Bono, are the teacher sponsors for the school's gaming club. Meeting time for both clubs will be announced later this semester

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Jerry Sheppard

  • Schedule 

    Fall 2021

    1st Block:   Astronomy

    2nd Block:  Planning

    3rd Block:   Astronomy

    4th Block:   Astronomy


    Spring 2022


    1st Block:   Physical Science

    2nd Block:  Planning

    3rd Block:   Physical Science

    4th Block:   Honors Physics


    To be announced.

    Otherwise by appointment.

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