• Art Club

    Art Club is for 4th and 5th grade students. For more information on what is going on currently please visit Mrs. Radulescu's Art Club page.

    Sponsor: Melanie Radulescu

  • Battle of the Books

    Battle of the Books a 4th and 5th grade book club in which we read a given list of 15 books. We will compete against other elementary schools in March. Membership in the book club does not guarantee placement on the competition team, but through the sharing of knowledge all members ultimately have a positive impact on the team performance.

    Sponsors: Holly Bailey

  • Broadcast Team

    Broadcast Team is an opportunity for 5th grade students to write, present, and produce the morning announcements.  Applications and interviews are conducted at the end of the 4th grade year as well as during the year if needed.

    Sponsor: Holly Bailey

  • Chorus

    The 3rd Grade Chorus is held during the 1st semester and will be called the Beginner Chorus.  The Beginner Chorus meets every Thursday trhough December from 8am-8:40am

    The 4th and 5th Chorus is held for the full year and will be called the Advance Chorus.  The Advanced Chorus meets every Tuesday through December from 8am-8:40am.  The Advanced Chorus will meet every Tuesday and Thursday from 8am-8:40am for the second semester beginning in January.  

    Any student who is in the 4th or 5th grade who wants to be in chorus may see me in January to try out for the Spring Semester Chorus.

    Cleveland Proud Day October 5, 2020 Fundraiser for our chorus at Cleveland High School 

    The Winter Concert will be December 5, 2019 at Clevland Elementary at 6pm

    Showcase of Stars will be March 14, 2020 at Smithfield Selma High School (Select Group)

    *NEW* "Cleveland Sings"will be a joint performance with elementary, middle and high school choruses from the Cleveland Area April 2, 2020

    The Spring Concert will be April 30,  2020, 6pm at Cleveland Elementary at 6pm

    Johnston County All County Concert will be May 2, 2020 at Selma Elementary School (Select group)



    Sponsor: Carla Jones 

  • Media Helpers

    Media Helpers is an opportunity for 5th grade students to work in the library from 8:40-9:15am. They shelve books, organize books, pick up books from the classes that have Media that day and help younger students find books.

    Sponsor: Holly Bailey

  • Get Up and Move

    Running Club Club is for 4th and 5th grade students who want to increase their aerobic fitness and live a healthier lifestyle. We meet every Tuesday from 3:50-4:45 to practice running and to build our endurance.

    • Wish List: Stopwatches, whistles

    Sponsors: Maggie Hatch

  • Safety Patrol

    Safety Patrol is for 5th grade students only. Students were chosen by 4th grade teacher nomination and by Mrs. Hatch as those that were best suited for this job. Safety Patrol Members are held at the highest standard in behavior and academics since they are setting the example for all of their peers and the younger students in the school.

    Parents also have to be an important part as they have to provide transportation in the mornings so Safety Patrol Members can be at school early to be at their post on time. Safety Patrol members help in the hall way and out on the sidewalks to provide order and safety. Another Safety Patrol job is to put out Tether balls for students to use during recess. Safety Patrol members rotate positions and remain on the job for the entire school year.

    Sponsor: Maggie Hatch

  • Student Government Association

    The Student Government Association (SGA) is designed to foster leadership skills, encourage school spirit, and teach democratic principles among students. As a student-run organization that represents the entire student body, SGA allows students to express concerns and take a stand on important issues. SGA strives to lead by example in the areas of academics, extra-curricular activities, community service, school spirit, student events, and student-teacher relations. SGA members should be role models for other students, both in and out of the classroom. Our SGA strives to provide an effective, enjoyable environment to bring about positive change for students.

    Sponsor: Briana Hines and Nicole Shepard