• Student Enrollment Procedures


    New students and their parents of legal custodians must present documentation establishing age (birth certificate), grade placement (transcript or report card from previous school if transferring elsewhere), and that he or she has received the immunizations or that immunizations has been started or that he or she otherwise meets the requirements of the Board’s policy on immunization. (see schedule below).

    The principal of the school must collect all the information necessary to determine eligibility for enrollment and make a determination of enrollment and appropriate grade placement.  The enrollment process may take more than one day in order for all information to be gathered.  A scheduled appointment with the guidance office must be made.  Information to be collected and reviewed prior to enrollment includes the following items:

    • Certified Birth Certificate
    • Social Security Card of Student
    • Picture Identification of Parent
    • Proof of Residency (electric bill, lease agreement, etc.)
    • Academic Records


    Birth Certificate: 

    The student must be old enough to enroll and must not be older that 21 years of age or have completed the requirements of high school.

    Social Security Card:

    Proof of identification of child, will be used as child’s identification number for school purposes and placed in cumulative record.

    Proof of Parenthood or Legal Custody:

    Proof may consist of the name of the person enrolling child as it appears on the child’s birth certificate or a current NC Driver’s License.  A legal custodian, a person or any agency having been awarded legal custody of a child by a court of law, must present court documents.

    Proof of Domicile:

    A student must be domiciled with the school’s attendance area.  A domicile denotes a permanent, established home.  The domicile of an unemancipated minor is the same as that of his parents or legal guardian.  Homeless students’, special needs students and students living in foster home, group home or other institution or care facility located in the attendance area – do not have to meet the domicile requirements.  Proof of domicile can be established with such documents as power bill and/or water bill.

    Academic Records (Accreditation):

    If seeking enrollment during the summer, students must present the report card from previous school year.  If seeking enrollment during the school year, students must resent an official withdrawal form from the previous school attended.  The principal must determine appropriate grade placement and/or course credit.  If the student has an IEP, 504, or AIG please bring this with you when you enroll.


    The school must establish that he or she is not currently subject to suspension or expulsion from another school district for a reason permitted by the Johnston County Schools Code of Student Conduct.  Attendance records must also be examined.  If a student is subsequently enrolled in a Johnston County School, the system’s attendance policy will be implemented based on previous attendance records.

    Immunization Schedule

    State law GS 130A-152 requires the following minimum doses:
    5 DTP Shots (If 4th dose is on/after 4th birthday, 5th dose is not required.)
    4 Polio Vaccine Doses (If 3rd dose is on/after 4th birthday, 4th dose is not required.)
    3 Hepatitis B Shots2 Measles doses (at least 30 days apart; 1st dose on/after 12 months of age)
    1 Mumps dose (on/after 12 months of age)
    1 Rubella dose (on/after 12 months of age)
    1-4 Hib doses (1 dose on/after 15 months and before age 5; not required after age 5)
    1 Varicella dose (Children born after April 1, 2001)