Welcome to the 2019-20 Pirates Swim Season.

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    My name is Dwight Carter and I am the Head Coach this Season.

    On behalf of all the swimming alumni, parents, and friends of the CHHS Swim Team, I would like to give Coach Maureen Blandford a huge thank you.  She is and always will be the leader of the program and we owe all that we have to her.  We appreciate her hard work, dedication, and commitment to excellence.

    Congratulations to the following student-athletes for making this 2019-20 Pirate Swim Team:


    L Name F Name Grade
    Amaon Kaylee 9
    Anayiotou Maria 9
    Anayiotou Margarita 12
    Boice Graeme 11
    Boone Maddie 10
    Carter Alexis 12
    Coyle Matthew 11
    Dames Devin 10
    Dixon Lily 9
    Doering Ciara 12
    Galloway Makenna 11
    Geosits Giulianna 11
    Grimm Izzy 10
    Grogg Cherokee 10
    Grogg Dakota 11
    Lewis Abigail 11
    Hahn Logan 12
    Hetzell Mason 9
    Hill Micah 11
    Hocutt Lydia 9
    Houser Charleigh 11
    Kreske Hunter 12
    McKay Philip 10
    Miller Sadler 10
    Moss Tyler 12
    Partrick Meghan 12
    Partrick Michael 12
    Prado Dominic 12
    Raynor Emily 10
    Raynor Johnathan 11
    St. John Austin 12
    Thomsen Savannah 11
    VanSchaick Caroline 9
    VanSchaick Catie 12
    Wainwright Abigail 9
    Wright Gracie 9