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Coach Matthew Loeffler

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Please read this flyer for information regarding summer workouts: Summer Workouts

-Please allow a few days during the summer for responses.

- All paperwork must be completed online using an App called DragonFly. Here is a link to more information on how to complete this: 


What is Cross Country (XC)?

Cross Country is long distance running. All of our races are 5k's or approximately 3.1 miles. It is one of the oldest sports and is growing quickly in popularity.

XC is what is referred to as an individual team sport. Meaning that you are competing to run faster for yourself, but also to place as a team. (See Scoring below for more information). 


Trying Out for Cross Country

Would you show up to soccer or tennis try-outs without training first. NO! Same rule applies to cross country. We will have tryouts during the first week in August. However, we hold summer workouts all summer long to help condition us for the season. This helps us to be able to be in peak racing shape right from the beginning of the season. If you cannot make it to summer workouts then you are in luck, training is simple! Go out and run. By the start of the season, we would like everyone to be able to run at least 20 minutes without stopping.

Summer Workouts: M, W, F 7-9 am at the Riverwood Athletic Club (near the gravel lot towards the back of the parking lot)


What you need:

Running is simple. You will need the following: a good pair of running shoes, athletic clothes, water bottle, and a great attitude.

Recommendations: Stopwatch for your wrist (we work a fair amount on pacing and times), racing spikes (these are racing shoes with spikes on the bottom. They help to run faster during races on trails. Speak to me if you have any questions about spikes)

***As I am sure you know it is quite hot and humid in the summers. If you plan to run, then you will need to HYDRATE!! If you are not hydrated then you will not run your best. If you are not running your best then you will not be getting the full benefit from the workouts. Dehydration can become a serious health risk. (Signs of dehydration include: light-headedness, feeling cold, headache)


Who we are looking for:

We are looking for hardworking individuals. You do not have to be the fastest person in the world to tryout, but you do need to be willing to dedicate yourself and your time to training and getting stronger. If you are willing to work for us then we are willing to work with you. We are looking for people who have great attitudes and want to better themselves.



We have 2 different races that we compete in: Conference Meets and Invitational Meets. All meets are 5 kilometers (3.1 miles). 

Conference Meets - We are part of the 4A NAC 6 Conference with Heritage, Knightdale, Rolesville, Wakefield, and Wake Forest High Schools. These meets are during the week and are usually on Wednesday nights.

Invitational Meets - These are the meets where we will race against schools from all across the state, meaning that you will see some of the best competition here. Want to run faster, then you need to race against faster competition. These meets are on Saturdays and do involve traveling.

Scoring - Meets are scored based upon a place system. Each place is awarded points: 1st = 1 point, 2nd = 2 points, etc. A team's score is determined by adding the points from the top 5 runners. Lowest score wins. Runners 6 and 7 also receive points, but they are used only to displace points from other teams.