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    As of Monday, August 17, 2020 the percussion section (drums and bells) for the 6th Grade Beginning Band at Princeton is FULL.  Any sixth grader wishing to begin band may choose from Flute, Clarinet, Trumpet, Trombone, or Alto Saxophone.  Please contact Mr. Heller for more information.



    The Princeton Middle High School Band is directed by Robert Heller. To learn more about middle or high school band visit   https://princetonband.weebly.com/


    As of 8/10/2020 Mr. Heller's daily schedule is listed below:


    8:00am-9:00am:  Office Hours:  This is time when all students regardless of grade can contact Mr. Heller. 

    You may contact Mr. Heller during office hours through email at robertheller@johnston.k12.nc.us. 

    You may also join the open BAND office hours chat.  Mr. Heller Office Hours Meet Link


    9:00am-9:45am Monday and Tuesday - 1st Block (HS Band)/  Thursday and Friday - 3rd Block (7th Band)


    10:00am-10:45am:  Monday and Tuesday - 2nd Block (6A Band)/  Thursday and Friday - Mr. Heller Planning


    10:45am-12:00pm:  Lunch All Week


    12:00pm-12:45pm:  Monday and Tuesday - Mr. Heller Planning/ Thursday and Friday - 1st Block (HS Band)


    1:00pm-1:45pm:  Monday and Tuesday - 4th Block (8th Band)/ Thursday and Friday - 2nd Block (6B Band)


    1:45pm-2:30pm:  Office Hours:  Mr. Heller's Office Hours Meet Link


    2:30pm-3:30pm:  Mr. Heller Planning


    Google Class Codes:  Fall 2020

    HS Band: 37lsfub HS MEET LINK

    6th Band:  Both A and B:  ngswa5i  6TH MEET LINK

    7th Band:  h26i7il  7TH MEET LINK

    8th Band:  f4omjtp  8TH MEET LINK


    Parents!! (and Students)

    Please Join the Band Remind:

    HS Band:  Text @4kcag8 to 81010

    6th Band:  Text @9fdaee to 81010

    7th Band:  Text @h3c92ec to 81010

    8th Band:  Text @g4aedd to 81010