Mr. Anthony Duca

Phone: 919-934-7333


Degrees and Certifications:

Framingham State University - B.S. Sociology Minor - Psychology Grand Canyon University - M.A. Psychology

Mr. Anthony Duca

Hello Everyone,

My name is Anthony Duca and I am extremely excited to get started with my second year at West Johnston. My first year was everything I expected and more. Along with teaching Civics/Economics I coached Women's Varsity Golf and was the head JV Men's Basketball Coach. I will be looking to coach a third sport this year in the spring as well.

I am originally from Massachusetts where I worked a bevy of jobs. From a full-time substitue teacher, to a half-way house with adults suffering from schizophrenia, to running my own Little Debbie route and working for Bank of America. Two years ago I decided to make a change with my life and test out a life in the south. I flew down on a weekend to look for somewhere to live and a few weeks later my bags were packed for my move. I love living in North Carolina and have no thoughts of moving back.

Over the last decade I have coached Baseball, Basketball, Football and Golf at many different levels. I have always enjoyed playing, coaching and watching sports. This is what takes up most, to all of my time when I am not working. Although I am from Massachusetts, most of my favorite sports teams are in New York which does cause plenty of friction with friends and family.

All in all, I love being able to teach and have the ability to work with teenagers. Throughout my life I had plenty of positive influences that impacted who I am. My goal is to take my passion, my knowledge and my past experiences into the classroom and on the field/court to provide a positive experience for those I am leading. I am eager to get to know all of you, teach all of you and learn from all of you.