Exam Time *Please take note that NCDPI (NC Department of Public Instruction) has mandated that


    2nd Semester FINAL EXAMS  take place the week of May 24-28,2021*

    May2021 Exams.docx



    In North Carolina High Schools, testing is a little different than what you may be familiar with.  There are several different types of exams given throughout the school year.  Each year the NC Department of Public Instruction (DPI) provides schools with a mandatory testing window schedule for exams.  It is then up to individual districts and schools to put these schedules in place.  it is very important to understand that all state exams are mandatory!  If a student fails to take an exam they will have to repeat the entire course.  As we near exam time, you will be provided with more details via the WJHS Website, regarding exam schedules and student expectations.  

    ***2020-2021 School Year***

    Due to COVID-19 and with JCPS performing on Plan B our school calendar and daily schedule has changed this year. NCDPI also requires that final exams take place during the last 5-7 days of each semester. That means that this year we will be holding Fall Semester FINAL EXAMS, BEFORE Christmas break this year (December 14-18,2020).  Spring Semester FINAL EXAMS( May24-28,2021)DPI has stated that they are NOT granting early testing for students unless there is an extreme emergency. If your student should miss an exam, make-up time will be extrememly limited.

     PLEASE BE SURE that your student arrives to school for their scheduled exam!