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    Dedication Ad Questions & Answers 

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    Q. How do I buy a dedication ad?
    A. Complete the order form, then submit with photos (original, .tif, .jpg) and check made payable to WJHS. Mail or drop off in room 128 with Mr. Deen. You can also purchase with a credit card by going to Balfour.com.
    Q. How can I contact the yearbook staff or the yearbook advisor?
    A. Email wjstudentmedia@gmail.com or call the school at 934-7333 ext. 5990 after 10:15 a.m.

    Q. Will I get my pictures back?
    A. Yes. We scan your pictures shortly after we receive them. You can generally pick up your pictures by the week following your order.
    Q. Can I see my ad before it is submitted to the publisher?
    A. Yes. In fact, we want you to see and approve the ad before we send it in for final publication. At the time of your contract signing, please indicate on the form whether you would like the ad e-mailed to you in a PDF format, or whether you would like to come in person to see the ad (then we will contact you to set up an appointment). 
    Q. Can my ad be a surprise for my senior?
    A. Yes. You can indicate on the contract that the ad is a surprise and we will talk only to you about the ad. Most seniors ads are not surprises. When the ad is not a surprise, you can send payments and materials to us by your senior and not be required to bring them to the classroom yourself.
    Q. Can a student have more than one ad (one from parents, one from relatives, one or more ads with friends)?
    A. Yes, you may request ads to be near one another, on facing pages, or separated.
    Q. What if I want more pictures in a senior ad than the templates allow?
    A. We realize that it is quite a task for you to select a few pictures from so many years of memories. For those wishing for more photos, a charge of $50 will be added for a custom ad.  

    Q. Can I layout the ad at home on a sheet of paper indicating where the pictures and messages go?
    A. This is a great idea! Number the pictures and use corresponding numbers on the template. Remember that we can reduce or enlarge the pictures in size. Do not cut pictures or glue them to a sheet of paper.

    Q. Can I complete the ad on a computer and turn it in to you as a finished product ready for publication?
    A. Yes, but only if it is in .tif or .jpg format and of high resolution, typically 300 dpi, and the exact dimensions of the ad.

    Q. Can we send you pictures or written material by e-mail?
    A. Yes. Send them to wjstudentmedia@gmail.com. Be sure to include your child's name. You may also turn in pictures via CD. Be sure to use .tif or .jpg format.
    Q. How may the ads be paid for?

    A. Ads require a one-half deposit at the time of the order if you are purchasing on campus. Of course, you may pay more at this time. 


    Ad templates can be customized by breaking up photo boxes to add more photos, or combining photos for fewer photos. A fully customized ad is $50 additional.

    Full Page A

    full page senior ad


    Half Page A

    half page senior ad


    Quarter Page A

    quarter page ad