The 2020-21 PTSA board 

    President: Stephanie Satkowiak

    Vice President: Veronica Franks

    Secretary: Deneatra Barfield

    Treasurer: Mary Louise Karstens



    Calling all Comets!
    The Clayton High School PTSA could really use your help! Because of our current circumstances, the PTSA has been unable to conduct our typical membership drive activities prior to starting school this year. We have some fabulous volunteers who are ready to serve as your new PTSA officers, but we need for you to consider joining the PTSA through this link:


    We will be having a virtual meeting on August 18th at 7:00 to vote in your new officers - only members can vote, and we promise to keep the meeting very short! We will send a link to the meeting to members prior to the 18th.

    Your PTSA officers have some great ideas for supporting teachers, staff, and our school... please help them to get started by joining and voting!