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    Welcome to the McGee's Crossroads Elementary PTA!




    MCES PTA NEEDS YOU! Please reach out to the school to find out how you can help. 



    2021-2022 PTA OFFICERS:

    President: Meredith Tolar

    Vice President: Wanda Wilson

    Secretary: Angie Vandivier-Stanley

    Treasurer: Abby Pope


    2021-2022 COMMITTEE CHAIRS:

    Membership: Sheila Capps



    K: Kellie Abernathy

    1: Jordan Berube

    2:Amber Ellis

    3: Allison Hines

    4: Sheena Allen     

    Enhancements: Sabrina Griffin

    Teacher Assistant: Terry witz

    Administration: Stephanie Leonard


    The PTA Vision:

     Making Every child's potential a reality.


    The PTA Mission:

     A powerful voice for all children,

     A relevant resource for families and communities,

     A strong advocate for the education and well-being of every child.