• Karra Kay Hester, Driver's Ed Instructor
    Phone: 919-936-5011
    Email:  karrakayhester@johnston.k12.nc.us

    The Driver Education program provides learning experiences to help students use motor vehicles safely, efficiently, and effectively. The purpose is to provide driving skills for life. In order to be eligible for driver's education, a student must be 14 1/2 years old on or before the first day of class, completed 8th grade, and attended with a parent or a legal guardian a parent/student information session.  Parents and students are required to attend the parent/student meeting.  Students eligible for the January/February Driver's Ed. class must have a birthday on or before September 23, 2005.

    Driver Education consists of 33 hours of classroom instruction and four hours of Alive @ 25.  At the end of the classroom portion, the students will be required to take and pass with a score of 80 a written exam. In order to take the exam, students must maintain an average of at least a 70 during the classroom phase. 

    During the driver education class, we will have an examiner check the students' vision. If your student wears glasses or contacts, please make sure he/she has them each day during class. If the examiner checks your student's vision and he/she does not meet the passing requirement, you will be notified in writing. The student will not be able to drive until he/she has been seen by an optometrist and returns proof to the driver education instructor.

    Students who feel they are ready for driver education should conduct themselves in a mature manner while in the classroom. They will show respect and follow rules or they will be asked to leave and try again at a later date when they can handle the mature subject. There is a ZERO TOLERANCE policy for absences, tardies, and inappropriate behavior.

    Driver Education also consists of 6 hours of behind the wheel training. This will take place after all other portions of the driver education program have been successfully completed.Students will be driven in order by age from the oldest in the class to the youngest. It IS NOT necessary to call or email to ask when your student will be driving. I will contact them the week before it is their turn to drive and give them a driving schedule. It is necessary for me to have a working phone number so that I can contact them when it is their turn to drive. Please be patient, sometimes there are a lot of students to drive. 

    Parents should understand that this is intended to introduce students to the basic driving skills and give them initial practice with these skills. It is impossible for students to become competent drivers with only 6 hours of behind the wheel instruction. During the permit phase of licensing your student needs to get as many hours behind the wheel as possible to help them become safe and more comfortable with the driving process. Encourage them to get lots of practice behind the wheel with you at their side to help.

    It is  mandatory that students drive and document  60 hours during their permit phase, but it is suggested that students have between 100-150 hours of behind the wheel practice during their permit phase before attempting to get their license.

    First 35 to sign up on-line when link opens will be permitted to take the class. If student does not sign up on-line, he/she will be ineligible to take the class. He/she can take the next available class. Link will open approximately 2 weeks prior to the parent meeting.