• McGee’s Crossroads Elementary

    Before & After School Program

    Our registration form can be filled out and submitted online. Look for it under important documents.

    We will no longer be using the K12 Payment center. We will now be using OSP.

    Our program is designed to be a safe, stimulating environment for students whose family situations or schedules require child care before or after school.  After school care students will have a designated quiet time for homework to be completed and time for outside play. Please read the attached information with more details about our programs.  If you are interested in using these services, please complete the enclosed paperwork and return it as soon as possible.

    Before School 6:30-8:25 am

    After School 3:55-6:00 pm


    Monthly Fees (Due on the first day of the month)

    *Fees based on Johnston County Schools’ approved rate. *All fees are nonrefundable.

     August is prorated                               December is prorated                     

    Early Morning Care  $  14.00                EMC   $55.00                                    

    AfterSchool Care $  $ 15.00                    ASC   $60.00                                    

      Both                           $ 29.00                    Both $115.00                                   


    Sept, Oct, Nov, Jan, Feb. March, April, May are full months              

    Early Morning Care   $96.00                               

    After School Care    $104.00                              

      Both                            $200.00                                


    Registration fee is $10 *If you attend Before AND After School Care, the registration fee is $15.

    Drop in care is provided for students who need child care every once in awhile. After using the Drop in care 5 times, you will be required to pay for the rest of the month.  Parents are still required to fill out paperwork ahead of time.  

    Drop-in care + $10.00 Registration Fee

    Before School $10.00  

    After School $10.00

      Procedures (Per JCPS Policy 3100-R)

    • We do NOT provide services on workdays or holidays. If school is released early or JCPS afternoon activities are canceled due to inclement weather, we will close at 5:30. On inclement weather days with a delayed start, Before School Care will start at the same delay from the 6:30 AM open time. For example, if school has a two hour delay, Before School Care will start at 8:30 AM.
    • All fees are per child, and they are non-refundable.  In order to have a place in the program, the first month’s fee must be paid prior to beginning.  Fees are not pro-rated if a child begins the program in the middle of the month or leaves the program before the end of the month.  There is no discount for multiple children.
    • All checks should be payable to McGee’s Crossroads Elementary School. Checks and money orders should include a phone number. After 2 returned checks, the parent will be required to pay in cash.
    • Fees will not be adjusted for reduced hours, absences, weather, cancellations, etc.
    • Fees are due on the first day of each month. Late fees will start on the 5th day of the month. The late fee is $5 per day per child.  If fees are not paid by the 10th of the month your child may be dismissed from the program.
    • Students may not be dropped off before 6:30 a.m. The first time a student is picked up late, the parent will be given a warning. After the first warning, the parent will pay a charge of $1 per minute per child. After the 3rd occurrence of early drop off or late pick up, the student may be dismissed from the program
    • If a student is dismissed from the program in the middle of the school month, fees and payments are not refunded.  
    • Both programs will use the "Remind" system for any important changes due to weather or emergency. Information will be available at Open House or you may contact the Director.


    STUDENT RULES - The program will be successful because parents, staff, and students adhere closely to the rules and guidelines of the program. Please discuss the importance of the following rules with your child:

    • MCE school rules and all aspects of the Johnston County Schools Code of Conduct will be enforced. Behavior problems will be discussed promptly with the parents, and warnings will be signed by the parent and counselors. 
    • On the 3rd behavior offense, the student may be dismissed from the program. This includes both the morning and afternoon programs if a student is enrolled in both. 
    • All parents will be required to leave updated emergency contact numbers with the staff before their child can start each of the programs.
    • The program will be supervised by child care staff members who work at the school during the regular school day, high school students or others who have been through a thorough interview process and background check.
    • Administration of medications can only be performed in accordance with the Board of Education policies


    Drop off (AM) 6:30-8:25  Parents should park in the (back) bus lot along the curb closest to the single door at the back of the school. Please take your child or children to a single door. For your child"s and our staff's safety, this door will remain locked at all times. You will scan a QR code with your smart phone to sign them in. Then the student may enter the building. A staff member will be holding the door or it will be locked.  Each student will place their belongings in a laundry basket. The baskets will be sanitized after use. 

    No drop off after 8:15  am in order to maintain safety for the buses to enter the lot.

    Afternoon Pickup (PM) 4:30 - 6:00  Due to afternoon dismissal, parents must wait until 4:30  to pick up students. Parents should park in the bus lot along the curb closest to the single door at the back of the school to pick up students. Do not park in the bus spots. To pick up your child, you will be required to show ID and scan a QR code with your information. Please have a cell phone to be able to scan QR Code. Please go to the single door.  For your child's and our staff'"s safety, this door will remain locked at all times.   A staff member will alert your child that they are leaving. You will be asked to show your ID and then scan the QR Code the staff member will provide. This is in place of the sign out sheet that was used in previous years. 

    Pickups after 6pm will be charged a late fee of $1.00 per minute per child. Payable at time of late pickup

    OSP will be our new online payment method.

    The registration form and payment can be dropped off at the front office.  Payments accepted by JCPS are personal check, money order, bank check or cash. We are not able to give back change. 

    Registration forms can now be filled out and submitted online. They are sent to the Director and she will let you know when it has been received either by email or by a phone call.  Any questions about this information, you can contact

    Mandy Bowden - ASC/EMC Director (919) 894-7161 Ext 6609 or by email @ mandybowden@johnston.k12.nc.us