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    Membership is NOW CLOSED for the 2022/2023 club!

    Leadership for the 2022/2023 PHS Chess Club

    Chess Club High School Advisor: Mike Thomas

    Chess Club President: Shirley Chen / Aidan Strickland

    Vice-President/Instructor: Andrew Goddard / Tyler Norris

    Treasurer: Ocean Chen 

    Sargent at Arms: Jeff Carr 

    Equipment Manager: Ronnie Jensen

    Public Relations/Recruitment: McKenzie Larsen


    **Chess.com is where we play!**

    Create an account and then find me through Connect>Friends>Search for wmthomas49

    Our club is only offered to PHS students.

    We have players of all abilities and skills. We host tournaments throughout the year (Halloween, End of Semester Christmas, Pre-Spring Break, and our traditional End of Year extravaganza.

    ladies chess   tony and justin

    This is from our Valentine's 2020 Tourney before Covid...since then weve been online staying safe!

    A Group winners    B Group winners

    Thomas v Strickland #2 vs #3