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    The counseling staff at Smithfield-Selma High School is committed to preparing students to become productive citizens, as they face the challenges of the 21st century. Counselors at SSS help students develop skills in the areas of personal-social growth, academic planning, and career development.  Students at SSS are provided with structure and support, and at the same time are given primary responsibility for their success. 


    Student Services Contact Information
    919.934.5191 Ext. 5109

    919.934.6157 Fax
    Image of a mentor helping a student


    Karelle Ward, 9th grade counselor
    Parent Involvement Coordinator
    Yvette Compton, 10th grade counselor
    Kate McGrath, 11th grade counselor
    Wendy Levin, 12th grade counselor

    Other Members in Student Services

    Pamela Edwards, Registrar

    Cynthia Russell, Student Advocate
    Susan Hales,RN: School Nurse

    Christian Tyner, Testing Coordinator

    Cindy Allen, Career Development Coordinator

    Tia Kelley, College Adviser

    Cynthia Hutchings, IB Coordinator

    Ron Lentini, Data Manager

    Barbara Hudak, Spartan Academy Coordinator

    • Registration of students into appropriate courses based on graduation requirements.
    • Provide information pertaining to the PSAT, SAT, ACT, entrance requirements for universities and colleges.
    • Provide information concerning financial aid, availability of scholarships, and career planning.
    • Schedule parent conferences to monitor and evaluate student performance.
    • Provide referral to community resources and relevant programs.
    • Provide individuals and groups with educational and career counseling.
    • Assist students in evaluating their interests and abilities to develop realistic career choices
    Records Information
    For detailed information on how to request a record, please go to www.needmytranscript.com/jcsrecords
    The record request process is completely online. You must fill out the request form, pay the fee online, and your request will be mailed to the designated address.

    You can complete the form from any computer. If you do not have a computer, one has been  set up for public use at the JCS Facility Services Building 601 A West Market Street in Smithfield. 
    Phone: 919-934-0673
    Fax: 919-934-0513

    *Note: If you withdrew prior to graduation from SSS within the last 2 years, then your cumulative record is still at the school.