School Improvement Plan

  • *Low-performing identification continues pending assessment data from the 2020-2021 school year.

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    School Improvement Team Goals 

    *By June 2022, West Smithfield Elementary will improve student perception in the area of Learning strategies in 3rd through 5th grades by 12 percentage points from 58% to 70%.

    *By June 2022, West Smithfield Elementary will increase the overall proficiency of students in the following subgroups: Black student subgroup by 29 percentage points from 2.3% to 31.3%;. and SWD subgroup by 16 percentage points from 6.5% to 22.5%

    *By June 2022, West Smithfield will improve the overall content proficiency by 11 percentage points from 19.6% to 30.6%, math from 12.9% to 28.9%, reading from 26.4% to 31.4%, and science from 39.2% to 49.2%.


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