Mission and Vision

  • Mission

    The mission of Smithfield Middle School is to provide an opportunity to empower our school family to create a quality learning environment through continuous improvement.  We will provide an opportunity for students to reach their highest potential to become productive, life long learners who will have a positive impact on society and future generations.



    We, the community of Smithfield Middle School, will be jointly involved in providing a safe and comfortable environment that nurtures high achievement, emotional well-being, and assures that each student is prepared to meet the challenges of the future.


    Smithfield Middle's Student Services Department does a great job discussing Bullying Prevention with students. Please remember though, that this is something that should not just be talked about one week a year. It is an important issue that needs to be addressed every time you see it happen or it happens to you. Here are some tips to dealing with Bullying at Smithfield Middle: 

    1. Tell a teacher or trusted adult what has happened.
    2. Avoid the bully as much as possible, even if it means asking to have your seat changed or walking the hallway differently.
    3. Don’t look like an easy target, walk and talk with confidence.
    4. Never fight back, it will just get you into trouble as well
    5. Hang around with good friends and never be alone with the bully
    6. Be kind to those who are not kind back, it may surprise them and they may change.
    7. If you see bullying happening to someone else, stand up for the person by taking them away from the situation, not laughing at the bullying, or by telling the bully to stop.