• Can you guess what do the following famous people have in common?

    ●Former presidents Jimmy Carter and Bill Clinton;

    ●U.S. Supreme Court Justices Anthony M. Kennedy and Clarence Thomas;

    ●Former astronauts  Norman E. Thagard, Robert D. Cabana and Mary Ellen Weber;

    ●Olympic Gold Medalists Lynette Woodard (basketball) and Mike Ramsey (hockey)*

    They were all former Safety Patrols. Dixon Road Elementary is proud to have twelve fifth grade students that take their job as school Safety Patrols-- seriously. These select group of Fifth Graders are committed to providing a safe school environment.


    Safety Patrol Duties include:

    Hallway monitoring
    Assisting students as they exit cars during arrival time
    Helping students get to class or designated areas without running
    Assisting/working cooperatively with adults in assigned areas
    Safety Patrol member model responsible, respectful, cooperative, and helpful behaviors at all time. Also, these students must remain in good academic standings and make appropriate conduct choices.


    Dixon Road Elementary’s Safety Patrols for the 2017-2018 school year are:

    Nicholas Avery, Cheyenne Bryant, Jonah Burnett, Kate Hamrick, Jose Mendez-Gutierrez, Roland Mutumba, Jeremy Neuenschwander, Cole Parker, Simora Prince, Nobal Sun, Orlando Villela-Oviedo, and Luke Zimmerman.

    More than twenty former patrollers studied hard to become astronauts and five patrollers went on to win Olympic gold medals. We know our DRES’s patrollers will accomplish great feats...just wait...you’ll hear about their impressive accomplishments in the future.

    *Source: American Automobile Association (AAA)