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Ms. Vicky Loose

April 17, 2021

Hello APEsters. Happy Saturday!!!  Only 29 days to Summer Break! Whoa Babee!

Get ready for some more great stories and exercises coming soon!

 It's the weekend! Go outside and plaaaaaaayyyyyyy with your family!

It's time for Minion Movement Madness-3.28.2021. Rock on Babee!!!

It's new! It's Fadness! It's Minion Movement Madness! Click on the link below:

Minion Movement Madness-3.22.2021. Partee on!!!



It's time for Kid's Heart Challenge!!

Kid's Heart Challenge-Sitting

Kid's Heart Challenge-Standing

Yesterday, I did 5 minutes of Ski Rope! What did you do?

Hope everyone is monitoring their weight and watching out for

the 3 S's: sugar, salt and soda! These three can be very sneaky!


Here are the latest Adapted Physical Education Videos:

It's Time for Minion Movement Madness: 2/18/21

Another APE Videooooooooo...put on your dancing shoes:

Minion Movement Madness-Dance Part I

Balloon Body Bop: Balloon Body Bop! Amaze everyone with your bodily knowledge!!

Alphabet Wall Tag. This game combines math, spelling,

vocabulary and physical education!

How to Toss and Catch a Ball. Part II.

Ready to exercise with your BFF??? BFF Busters.1/15/2021

Ready to learn how to toss underhand? Is Corn Hole calling your name:

Then click on this link: How to Toss a Ball: Part 1

It's time for: BFF Busters. Are you ready to exercise with your BFF? Check it out! Lap Time!

Get Up and Out of Yo SEEEAAATTT: Minion Movement Madness-11/12. It's time to PAARRTTEE BABEE!!

Introduction to APE: Intro to APE

Flexibility: Flexibility

Muscular Endurance While Sitting: Muscular Endurance Sitting

Muscular Endurance While Standing: Muscular Endurance Standing

Balloon Bazinga click on the link: Balloon Bazinga

Heeeellllooooooo everyone! It's Time for some more: Minion Movement Madness-10/29. Bring a water noodle!

Get out of yo Chair Babee!! Join me, Bob and The OG for Minion Movement Madness-10/27.  

A new APE video: Directions, Pathways and Levels...Oh My!

Another new Video: Locomotor Skills. Joco and I introduce the 8 locomotor skills!

Join me and Bob the Minion for: Minion Movement Madness: 10/20. Bring your bananas!

It's new! It's Hip and happening! Check it out: Rocking Chair Challenge-PartI.

Wanna create your own Rocking Chair Challenge? Here are the exercises: Rocking Chair Exercises.

Join me, Joco, Pooh and Baby Yoda...YES Baby Yoda for some yoga: Baby Yoda Yoga-Part I

Click here for some Yoga coloring sheets Yoda's Yoga Coloring Sheets and More Yoda Yoga Coloring Pages

Target Tossers. Learn to throw underhand! Click on the link and amaze yourself!

Five Finger Discount and work on your fine motor moves! Click on the link and have fun with Joco and me!


As always, HAVE LARGE FUN! After you exercise, remember to set aside some time to read.


Pooh's Corner. Catch your favorite book here:

It's it's time for another Pete the Cat Adventure!

Pete the Cat-The Easter Adventure.

Another Pete the Cat Easter story??? Be still my pounding heart!!!

Pete the Cat-The Five Little Bunnies

Saint's Preserve! Pete the Cat is chasing Leprechauns! Does he catch em???

Watch Pete the Cat: The Great Leprechaun Chase and find out!

It's time for......Dr. Seuss and The Sneetches! You gots stars upon yars???

It's slim no Fat! It's Pete the Cat! Read about what he was like as a kitten in

I Love Pete the Kitty. Groovy Brother, Groovy!

Say whuh! Get ready to read! I Will Love You Till The Cows Come Home

Valentines Day is coming! It's time for...Peppa's Valentine's Day

I have added the trailer for the movie Christopher Robin.

Check it out here: Christopher Robin.

He's baaaccckkk!!! It's Baby Shark in Bedtime for Baby Shark

Pete the Cat: Snow Daze. Will the gang ever go back to school???

Merry Christmas Baby Shark. Baby Shark is toooo excited to go to sleep on Christmas Eve!

Corduroy. Enjoy the story of a little brown bear who wanted a home of his own!

Pete the Cat Saves Christmas. Santa has a cold and calls on Pete to save Christmas!

Christmas Heros. Santa has lost his Magic Star! Paw Patrol to the rescue!

Pig the Elf. Does Santa and Heavenly help need to show Pig the meaning of Christmas?

 A little therapy dog needs help getting home for Christmas! Norbert: Little Me Christmas

It's time for the Christmas Parade! Boom-biddy-Boom! Christmas Parade

Charlie the Ranch Dog. Charlie and his son, CJ guest star!

New video at Pooh's Corner: Peppa Pig Plays Soccer.

Paw Patrol click on the link: Paw Patrol: Chase's Space Case

Back by popular demand, IT'S.....Baby Shark: Wash Your Hands. Wet, lather, rub and rinse!

And meet our newest Forest Buddy! IT'S....Scaredy Squirrel. He's skurred of everything!!!!!

Join us now for Peppa Gives Thanks. Great Thanksgiving Story!

It'ssssssss.... Pete the Cat: The First Thanksgiving. Join Pete as he learns about the First Thanksgiving.

She's BAAACCCKKK!!! Back for another story, it's...PEPPA PIG! Peppa Pig-Sports Day. Join the gang and have fun!!!

 It's New and for You! Yikes! It's Scarey and it Spooky it's...Pete the Cat-Trick or Pete. Prepare to be Skurred!

DON'T GO INTO the WATERS!!! Baby Shark-Trick or Treat Doo doo doo doo doo doo...sing along!

 New video at Pooh's Corner: Peppa Pig Plays Soccer. Click on the link and enjoy!!! The whole gang plays soccer!


Keep collecting ring tabs. I will have a HUGE haul on January 19th. Yeah Babee!

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  • Board of Education Retreat set for April 17

    The Johnston County Board of Education members will hold a Retreat on Saturday, April 17 as authorized through North Carolina General Statutes. Open Session will begin at 8:30 a.m. at Facility Services Town Hall located at 601 West Market Street in Smithfield. To comply with the governor’s executive order, a limited number of seats will be available to the public. These seats will be granted on a first come, first served basis.

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  • JCPS to hold Virtual Job Fair April 21

    Johnston County Public Schools will hold a Virtual Job Fair on Wednesday, April 21. The event will be held in a Zoom Conference format from 2:00 p.m.- 6:00 p.m. Candidates will have the opportunity to meet with various school principals about career opportunities in each of the district’s 47 schools.

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  • 2021-2022 JCPS Preschool applications now open

    The online application for the Johnston County Public Schools Preschool Program is now available. Parents who are interested in the JCPS Preschool Program are encouraged to apply early, as availability is on a first come, first served basis. The application window closes on June 30th.

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  • JCPS releases updated graduation and prom details

    Johnston County Public Schools has updated its plan to mark senior milestones, including prom and graduation while adhering to guidance from the Johnston County Public Health Department and the CDC in regards to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

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  • Pre-K - 5th Grade to return to Plan A on March 1

    The Johnston County Board of Education voted to return Pre-K - 5th grade to Plan A, four days per week, beginning on Monday, March. 1.

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