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Ms. Vicky Loose

October 19, 2020

Happy Monday APEsters. I will be teleworking from home. I will continue to post Physical Education and Literacy videos. I will be contacting the EC and Physical Education teachers to find a time to check in weekly with each one of you at school. I will also be contacting virtual students for a check in time. Second grading period here we come!


It's new! It's Hip and happening! Check it out: Rocking Chair Challenge-PartI.

Wanna create your own Rocking Chair Challenge? Here are the exercises: Rocking Chair Exercises.

A new Video at Pooh's Corner: Charlie the Ranch Dog. Charlie and his son, CJ guest star!



New from last week!

Join me, Joco, Pooh and Baby Yoda...YES Baby Yoda for some yoga: Baby Yoda Yoga-Part I

Click here for some Yoga coloring sheets Yoda's Yoga Coloring Sheets and More Yoda Yoga Coloring Pages

Target Tossers. Learn to throw underhand! Amaze your friends! Be the life of the party!!! Click on the link and amaze yourself!

Five Finger Discount and work on your fine motor moves! Click on the link and have fun with Joco and me!

New video at Pooh's Corner: Peppa Pig Plays Soccer. Click on the link and enjoy!!! The whole gang plays soccer!

Does it get any gudder???? But of course...not!!!


A new APE video: Directions, Pathways and Levels...Oh My!

Another new Video: Locomotor Skills. Joco and I introduce the 8 locomotor skills!

We also have one APE video from last week!!!! Check it out below:

Adapted Physical Education: Balloon Bazinga click on the link: Balloon Bazinga


Pooh's Corner. New video!!!

New video at Pooh's Corner: Peppa Pig Plays Soccer.

Paw Patrol click on the link: Paw Patrol: Chase's Space Case

I will be adding stories. I have added the trailer for the movie Christopher Robin. Have you seen the movie? It is a must see. Check out the link here: Christopher Robin.


Here are the Adapted Physical Education Videos:

Introduction to APE: Intro to APE

Flexibility: Flexibility

Muscular Endurance While Sitting: Muscular Endurance Sitting

Muscular Endurance While Standing: Muscular Endurance Standing

Balloon Bazinga click on the link: Balloon Bazinga

As always, HAVE LARGE FUN! After you exercise, remember to set aside some time to read.


Keep collecting ring tabs. I will have a HUGE haul on October 19th. Yeah Babee!

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