Johnston County Schools will foster a flame for learning within each child that will last a lifetime. To achieve this mission, we will improve continually our service of education and meet our community's requirements for quality.


    Empowering all students to become successful in a global society


    All Johnston County School facilities will provide a safe, clean, caring, orderly and positive environment that supports and is conducive to learning.

    All Johnston County School students will demonstrate high levels of character, academic growth and achievement.

    All Johnston County Schools will be provided the resources to meet the needs of all stakeholders.

    All Johnston County School leaders will encourage and promote family, community and business involvement.


    Visionary Leadership:  Leading with imagination and inspiration to create systems, strategies and methods that stimulate innovation, build knowledge, and achieve excellence.

    Learning Centered Education:  Learning by all stakeholders to their fullest potential in an environment that is differentiated, active, and meaningful.

    Valuing Faculty, Staff, Parents and Students:  Promoting, celebrating, and rewarding the accomplishments of our team members who make a positive contribution to the school system.

    Data Driven Decision Making:  Making decisions using reliable data to address the needs and expectations of our stakeholders.

    Social Responsibility:  Being ethically, professionally, fiscally, and personally accountable to all stakeholders.

    Systems Perspective:  Understanding that alignment, linkage and coordination of strategies, processes, and resources are necessary for the highest performance of our school system.