Mrs. Donna Hawkins

Phone: 919-934-4696


Degrees and Certifications:

BA Psychology Masters Education PhD Curriculum & Instruction (Currently All but Dissertation)

Mrs. Donna Hawkins

BA in Psychology (NCSU) /Masters in Education (ECU)/PhD Curriculum & instruction (NCSU) All but Dissertation:( Focus: Reading and Writing multimodal and multigenre compositions and the reading-writing connection)

I began teaching in 1998 and am certified in Language Arts and Science. I am licensed to teach the academically gifted and have considerable experience working with exceptional populations as well. For five years , I have also taught undergraduate and graduate level courses at the community college and at NC State.

I teach English 8 and English I with equal passion.  As a teacher and a researcher, I am passionate about literacy development and believe that students who learn how to appreciate their own stories will learn to appreciate reading other people's stories. Students in my classes can expect to read and write daily as part of the curriculum. My goal for all students is that they learn how to choose the best genre and mode or platform for communication based on the audience and their purpose for writing. 

Because I believe that literacy in the 21st century is multimodal, students will learn how to use a variety of digital and traditional print and art forms to communicate an idea or message. We focus on close reading in 8th grade with an equal balance of fiction, nonfiction, and poetry.  Research is an important part of the 8th and 9th grade curriculum, and students will learn how to question, where to look for answers, and the steps involved in problem solving. Students will also learn how to prepare and conduct a debate, how to listen as well as speak.  I love teaching, I love learning, and I love the students and faculty at Smithfield Middle!

  • 1st Block  English 8                               7:30---9:05

    2nd Block English I                               9:08---10:18

    Overtime/STAMP                                 10:21--11:01

    4th Block  English I                            11:04--12:44  (Lunch 12:03)

    5th Block  Electives/Planning            12:47-- 1:57

    6th Block  English 8                              2:00--3:15

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