• North Johnston High School      

    School Improvement Plan



    Area of Focus:Relationships

    Develop a culture that promotes relationship building with students, staff, and community/parents

    Strategy: Increase student/parent spirit, motivation, ownership within the school


    1. More whole group assemblies (pep rallies, guest speakers, NOJO day)
    2. Celebrations (honor roll, showcase student talents, college/career celebration, attendance celebrations)
    3. Smart LUNCH
    4. Utilize advisories to hold small group assemblies
    5. Offer career shadowing/exploration opportunities

    Strategy: Increase unity/fellowship (community) among staff


    1. Integrate departments socially
    2. Have duties from different departments working together.
    3. Have Birthday celebrations
    4. Pig pickin faculty tailgate
    5. Smart LUNCH
    6. Departmental lunches provided by administration


    Area of Focus: Innovation

    Develop innovative teaching methods/strategies to include the diversity of learners

    Strategy: Implement competency-based personalized education opportunities


    1. Choices to show mastery of instruction
    2. Choices in method of instruction
    3. Panther Academy
    4. Use of surveys & discussion with students
    5. Use of pathways & playlists
    6. Development of learner profiles

    Strategy:  Increase engagement through multiple learning strategies


    1. PBL - Problem Based Learning
    2. Direct Instruction
    3. Blended Learning
    4. NCVPS
    5. Digital Tools
    6. Guest Speakers
    7. Learner Profiles

    Area of Focus: Relevance

    Begin to implement SBTL (Standards-Based Teaching and Learning) and evaluate using SBG (Standards-Based Grading)

    Strategy:  Explore SBTL and SBG


    1. Unpacking the standards for knowledge and understanding in PLCs
    2. Research HS SBG strategies in PLCs
    3. Offer PD on SBTL and SBG
    4. Develop, administer, and analyze learner profiles

    The team meets the second Wednesday of each month in the media center at 3PM.