Kindergarten and First Grade:

    We have been learning about the Principle of Movement inspired by the artist Edgar Degas and Keith Haring.  We are also learning about Native American Totem Poles and features of landscapes in art.

    Second and Third Grade:

    We have been learning about the art of weaving inspired by African Kente Cloth and Sugar Skulls inspired by one of Mexico's National Holiday's.   We have also been learning about two American artists, Bob Ross (TV Icon) and Kristin Lazoya (local North Carolina Artist).

    Fourth and Fifth Grade:  

     We have been learning about a Spanish Artist, Pablo Picasso and Cubism.  We have been learning about two American Artists, Jackson Pollock and Georgia O'Keefe.  We have also been learning about Cherokee Indian basket designs.


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  • Visual Art Enhancement Schedule

    9:15-10:00 5th Grade 

    10:05-10:40 Crane/Palmer

    10:45-11:15 Lunch

    11:20-12:05 4th Grade

    12:10-12:55 1st Grade

    1:15-2:00 Kindergarten

    2:05-2:50 2nd Grade

    2:55-3:40 3rd Grade




Ms. Josie Carter

Phone: (919) 673-3599


Degrees and Certifications:

Ms. Josie Carter

I believe it is important for a student to learn about the arts as well as the more academic subjects in order to have a well rounded education.   The study of fine art teaches students to appreciate beauty and to be more compassionate toward other people different from themselves.  Learning about art can help students communicate their feelings and improve their self esteem.  "Logic will get you from A to B.  Imagination will take you everywhere"  Albert Einstein

  • Art Club Tape Murals

    Posted by Josie Carter on 3/13/2020

    Third Grade Art Club working on tape murals.  


    Dinosaur tape mural

    Fox tape mural

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  • Snowman Mural

    Posted by Josie Carter on 2/21/2020

    Third Grade art club created this cool snowman mural just in time for the snow day this year !!   Love it.  

    Snowman Mural

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  • Third Grade Art Club Mural

    Posted by Josie Carter on 2/21/2020

    Third Grade Art Club's latest mural.   I love how these students work together on these art projects.  Team work makes the dream work.  

    Colored Pencil Mural



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  • Mosaic Tiles

    Posted by Josie Carter on 2/7/2020

    4th Grade Art Club Finished their Mosaic Tile Coffee Cans and they look awesome !


    Mosaic Tiles

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  • Faces Collage created by the WSE Art Club

    Posted by Josie Carter on 1/20/2020

    New 5th Grade Art Club Creation "Faces Collage"

    Faces Collage


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  • Shadow Figures in 4th Grade

    Posted by Josie Carter on 1/17/2020 8:00:00 AM

    Fourth Grade Art Enhancement classes are learning about gesture lines and movement in art.   Students are working on a shadow figure project using desk lamps to capture the shadow of a wooden figurine on their paper.  Students are trying to show movement in the figures pose.  

    Shadow Figures

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  • Tile Mosaics

    Posted by Josie Carter on 1/6/2020 5:00:00 PM

    4th Grade Art Club is working on mosaic tile covered coffee cans.  

    Tile Mosaics


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  • Sugar Skull Display

    Posted by Josie Carter on 1/6/2020 5:00:00 PM

    Art Club has been working on a sugar skull display inspired by the North Carolina Museum of Art Exhibit of Frida Kahlo.

    Sugar Skulls

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  • Tree of Life Mural Complete

    Posted by Josie Carter on 1/6/2020 5:00:00 PM

    5th Grade Art Club has finally completed their collaborative mural inspired by Gustav Klimt 


    Tree of Life Mural

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  • New Art Display

    Posted by Josie Carter on 11/23/2019

    Loving these Plaster Paris and Paper Mache portraits created by 5th Grade Artists at WSE !!!

    Sculpture Display

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School Announcements

  • Beginning of Grade (BOG) Testing Letters

    As your child begins third grade, you will see a concentrated focus in ensuring students can read at or above grade level and is making progress in reading proficiency, so they can read, comprehend, integrate, and apply complex texts needed for secondary education and career success. As part of the Read to Achieve law (G.S. §115C-83.1) passed by the General Assembly in 2012, your child will take the Beginning-of-Grade 3 (BOG3) Reading Test to establish a baseline measure of beginning third-grade reading skills. This test will be administered within the first 20 days of face to face instruction, October 26 - November 23, 2020

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  • School Start and End Times

    Just as a reminder, we begin letting students in the building at 8:25 in the mornings. Our tardy bell rings at 8:55. We begin dismissal at 3:55 in the afternoons.

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  • Progress Reports Parent Letter

    Progress Reports will be sent electronically this year. Please click here for the Progress Report Letter to Parents.

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  • Trouble with Your Chromebook?

    Parents, did you know we have a form you can fill out for help if you or your child are having technical issues with your school issued chromebook? Click on the headline for more information!

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  • Do You Have Questions About the 2020/2021 School Year?

    We know this is year will be different for everyone...students, families and staff, so we want to do all we can to keep you informed and answer any questions that you may have during this time.

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