Mission and Vision

  • Micro Elementary is a community school that is dedicated to providing an exciting and empowering educational experience for all students. We are very proud of our wonderful students, community, and staff members. It is our mission to engage students in authentic learning activities that will capture their interests and motivate their minds. We work hard to help prepare students for their bright futures!


    Our main focuses this year will be to deepen community partnerships, improve the overall student experience, and our project-based learning initiative. Our goal is to offer students opportunities to solve real world problems in a personalized and engaging manner.


    We are committed to building and strengthening our relationships between the school, students, families, and community. This includes the relationship with the schools in our feeder pattern (North Johnston Middle School and North Johnston High School) through our #NoJoFamily initiative. Through this focused effort on collaboration we can truly seek continuous improvement for the benefit of our students.


    I invite you to visit our school often and to experience exciting educational opportunities first hand. Please share positive experience from our school on social media using the hashtag #MicroPride. We are the small school, where BIG things happen!


    Thank you for visiting,

    TJ Parrish, Principal