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    Mr. Barnes' Google Classroom Links

    1st Block- 1st Block

    2nd Block-2nd Block

    4th Block-Block 4

    Student Instructions:Once you get into Google Classrooms, you will see a Google Meet Link, click onto the link. This is where we will meet each day.

Mr. Ron Barnes

Phone: 919-284-2031 Ext:3646


Degrees and Certifications:

AA- Business BA- History/Political Science/American Studies MPAD- Public Administration PHD-Post Doc. School Admin

Mr. Ron Barnes

20+ Years in the Educational field, vast experience in Business, HR, Administrative areas both publlic and scholastic. 

Educational: AA/Business, BA/Social Studies/American Studies/Political Science, MPAD/Masters Public Administration, Post Doctorate/Education Admin


     2020-2021 School Year

     Class Times

    8-9 am Block 1

    905-1005 am Block 2

    1120-1220 pm Block 4


       OFFICE HOURS/REMOTE ASSIGNMENTS (Additional Support and Feedback on Assignments

    Block 1  Time 12-1 pm on Thursdays

    Block 2 and 4  Time 12-1 on Tuesdays


    Supply List 


    Composition Notebook

    Standard #2 Pencil (no Mechanical pencils)

    Tissue\Hand Sanitizer/N95 Masks


    "The aim of education should be to teach us rather how to think, than what to think ---

    rather to improve our minds. so as to enable us to think for ourselves,

    than to load the memory with thoughts of other men"

    Bill Beattie









  • World History Class Sylabus


    History Department Grading Policy


    1. Grade Categories:

    Test/Project = 50%

    Quiz= 30%

    Classwork= 20


    2. Daily Assignments: Students will have a task (CNN 10) to complete every day school day for the purpose of gathering attendance and grades.  There will be an average of two graded assignments recorded in Powerschool Gradebook per week.

    Deduction for late work: Late Assignments will be accepted for full credit within 24 hours of the original due time, then 10 points will be deducted per day.


    Course Description: 


    The World History course will address six (6) periods in the study of World History, with a key focus of study from the foundations of civilization (prehistory) to present.  The desired outcome of this course is that students develop relevant enduring understandings of current world issues and relate them to their historical, political, economic, geographical and cultural contexts.  Students taking this course will broaden their historical perspectives as they explore ways societies have dealt with continuity and change, exemplified by concepts such as civilization, revolution, government, economics, war, stability, movement, and technology.







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