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Mrs. Margarita Gomez


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I'm a math teacher , I'm from Bogota, Colombia.  This is located in South America.  I have been teaching for about 12 years.  I'm living with my husband and my dog "Tasco".  I have been working at Selma Middle since 2015. I love to teach math as well as help students who struggled on this subject.


Please feel free to cantact me if you have any questions or concerns about my subject area



  • SCHEDULE 2017-2018


    1st/HR: 7:55-8:00


    2nd Period: 8:02-9:12


    3rd Period/ER: 9:14-9:44


    4th Period: 9:46-10:56


                                                         5th Period: 10:58-12:41               6th Lunch: 12:08-12:38


     6th Period: 12:43-1:53 (6th Electives)


    7th Period: 1:55-3:05


    Bus Rider Dismissal 3:05


    Car Rider Dismissal 3:10



    Prime time


    The Factor Game engages students in a friendly contest in which winning strategies involve distinguishing between numbers with many factors and numbers with few factors. Students are then guided through an analysis of game strategies and introduced to the definitions of prime and composite numbers.

    In the Product Game, students find products of factors. Although students develop strategies for winning, the focus is on the multiplicative structure of numbers. Factor pairs are introduced as students find the whole-number dimensions of all rectangles that can be made with n unit squares. This Problem also reinforces basic multiplication facts.

    The Applications —Connections —Extensions (ACE) provide rich connections to situations in which factors, multiples, prime numbers, and square numbers play a significant role. This Investigation provides an opportunity to assess students’ basic understandings of factors and multiples, including their skills in recognizing when a situation calls for a factor or a multiple.


    Factors and Multiples 

    Understand relationships among factors, multiples, divisors, and products:

    • Classify numbers as prime, composite, even, odd, or square
    • Recognize that factors of a number occur in pairs
    • Recognize situations that call for common factors and situations that call for common multiples
    • Recognize situations that call for the greatest common factor and situations that call for the least common multiple
    • Develop strategies for finding factors and multiples
    • Develop strategies for finding the least common multiple and the greatest common factor
    • Recognize and use the fact that every whole number can be written in exactly one way as a product of prime numbers
    • Use exponential notation to write repeated factors
    • Relate the prime factorization of two numbers to the least common multiple and greatest common factor of two numbers
    • Solve problems involving common factors or common multiples.





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