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Mr. Terence N, Burke


Welcome Back!  

 IMPORTANT! The weekly agenda will be posted at the bottom of this page beneath the syllabus.

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Welcome to 7th grade Social Studies  
Mr. Burke
A study of the world from 1400 to the present.

This is my 10th year at Rverwood Middle.

Previously, I taught five years at Smithfield Middle, so this is my 15th in Johnston County.

I received my BA in History from Elon University and subsequently attended Barton College for my teaching education courses.

I married my beautiful wife Melissa on 9/11 1999, so we are coming up on our 20th Anniversry.

My wife's (Clayton High alum) family is from Clayton, so I have deep roots and relatives all around the area.

I am originally from Virginia Beach, Va. We also lived in a rustic log cabin surrouded by mountains and trout streams in Boone, NC 

I really love history and current events, and look forward to opening up your child's eyes to the world around them.

I passionately believe that a strong foundation in social studies is essential in helping our children to become productive adults wherever their life takes them.

Scroll down for the current agenda.
All documents can be found below the agenda.

Each assignment will count as the following percentages of your overall grade.

Tests and Projects: 50%
Quizzes: 30%
Homework: Will be reflected in the assessment scores (see below).
End of Year Exam (EOY) counts as 15% of final grade for this year. This is JCS policy.
There will be three lesson quizzes before each chapter test. Approximately every 2.5 days there will be an assessment. per quarter.
Students will create study guides for each lesson. Study guides are expected to be taken home to review and for the parent/guardian to sign as acknowledgement that their child has reviewed the material.
This review is homework, and is essential for academic success.

Please check your student's agenda daily for updates!

Study Strategies

It cannot be said enough - STUDYING IS CRITICAL TO A STUDENTS SUCCESS! Students must study every night - at least Monday through Thursday (some Sundays). Think about it, teachers only see their students for 180 days - that's around 180 hours for an entire school year. That is only equivalent to 7.5 twenty-four hour days. Or 18 ten-hour days. Or 36 five-hour days. When you realize that there are 365 days in a year - or 8,760 hours - it helps put the idea of needing the extra time to study and remember needed concepts into perspective. Study techniques taught in middle school are building blocks for high school and college. Starting good study habits now will help you later in life. It does take more effort to study and to become organized; however, academic success will make you feel good about yourself and your parents smile.


My e-mail address is


Seventh Grade Social Studies

Mr. Terence Burke

Dear Students and Parents,

Welcome to Seventh Grade Social Studies! I am excited about the start of the new year and look forward to the opportunity to work with you. I hope that together we can make this an excellent experience for all.

Course Description

This course will cover the history, geography, governments, and economies of the world from the Age of Exploration (1400) to contemporary times.


Students will be required to complete all assignments on time and come to class prepared each day. I encourage daily discussion and students are expected to express their opinions and to share their knowledge. Students are also expected to follow the established class rules so I do not waste valuable time dealing with behavior problems.

In covering the class requirements, students will learn about cultures, religions, people, and places that they may not have been exposed to previously. Students are expected to be respectful of these differences.


Tests/Projects (50% of grade)

Chapter tests will be given throughout the year. Students will be given various projects throughout the school year.

Quizzes (30% of grade)

Quizzes will be given throughout the year. Quizzes will occur approximately every 2.5 days.

(20% of grade)

Students will have daily class work that will include creating maps, study guides, note taking, and discussion involving course material.


Homework is generally limited to studying for tests and quizzes, but may include approximately one other assignment per week. However, I would like to point out that I do expect all of my students to nightly review the material that was covered in class that day. I want to strongly emphasize that reviewing the material on a nightly basis is essential to achieving success in this course. This daily studying is considered homework! I expect all students come to class prepared and ready to participate.

Policy for Missed Work
Students have the responsibility to be at school and to make up work missed during time of any absence. I follow the county policy of two days to make-up work for every day of absence. It is the pupil’s responsibility to schedule a convenient make-up time. If you go out of town, or absent for any reason, I will expect you to be checking my site.

If you have any questions or concerns this year, please contact me at 359-2769. My school e-mail is: . I look forward to working with you during the coming year!

Thank You,

Terence N. Burke

I have read and understand this document ______________________________
( parent signature)
I have read and understand this document_____________________________
(student signature)

__________________________________________________________________________________________________________SUPPLY LIST IS IN FILES!!!!!!!!


 WEEEKLY AGENDA for 2019-20

IMPORTANT!! NOTES IN FILES ARE IN ALPHABETICAL ORDER. FOR THIS WEEK'S MAP AND NOTES, LOOK UNDER GEOGRAPHY!!!!!!! Please focus on the current week! Do not jump ahead as future weeks are not confirmed and are subject to great change!


Week of 8/26-30:

M: Day One Orientation/HW-Have parent read and sign syllabus,please return bottom portion

T: World Map/HW-study map (MAP is posted in files)

W-latitude and longitude/HW-study map and all notes (NOTES are posted in files)

Th: Geography activity/HW-same as above

F: Chromebook Practice for Tuesday/HW- study for Tuesday's Test









































M: Holiday (Remember that there is a test tomorrow! This is very basic review material, so you should do well}

T: Test/None

W: Begin the Renaissance (INTRODUCTION), Readings and Questions/HW- Today's readings and question are in files look under Renaissance study today's notes *Pop Quizzes can happen anytime

Th: Finish Intro, Inventions, Medicis/HW-study notes (Notes are in files)

F: Renaissance People and quiz on Introduction notes/HW-Review notes



M: Leonardo da Vinci (notes in file) begin rough draft for invention project (info in files)/HW-complete rough draft

T: Complete final copy of invention project/HW-study all notes

W: Important people of the Renaissance/HW-study notes

Th: Finish Important people and begin Economic, politics, and social status during Renaissance/HW-study notes

F: Finish EPSS/study notes HUGE RENAISSANCE TEST ON TUESDAY!! (dependent on weather)



Renaissance Test is Thursday!!!!!!!!!

M: Review Renaissance Important People/Things/HW: Review all notes *These are in files under Renaissance Important People and Things * Also a Study Guide is in files under Renaissance Study Guide

T: Renaissance: Economics, Politics, and Social Structure/HW-Review for Thursday's Renaissance Test*Today's notes are in files Under Renaissance Economics!!

* Jeopardy Link HW-Study for Test


Th: Renaissance Test

F: Renaissance Reading and Intro. Notes/HW-study today's notes


There is also a Reformation study guide in files.The studen111ts have been reminded every day this week to utilze this resource. 

M: Martin Luther, Calvin, Henry VIII  HW-study notes for Friday's test on the * Look in files under Reformation PPT

Reformation Test will be Friday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

T: Counter Reformaton/HW-study notes*Today's notes are in files under Reformation: Counter*Reformation Jeopardy can be found at the link below:

W: Reformation Flyers/HW: study for Friday's Test *2nd Jeopardy game link:

Reformation Flyer Directons were passed out in class today.They can also be found in files.

TH: Test Review Day/flyer work /HW: study for tomorrow's Test

F: Reformation Test



M: Intro to Age of Exploration (notes are in files under AoE Intro ) notes/HW study for Wednesday's quiz

 T: Finish Intro notes/HW-study notes *Quiz moved to Friday

W: Discovery Ed Age of Exploration/HW-study notes

Th: Hurricane Michael/HW-study for quiz

F: Quiz & Major Players of Exploration God, Glory, Gold/HW-study notes



M: Finish God, Glory, Gold and begin Explorers Chart ** 3 G's PPT and Blank Explorers Chart are in files-Look under AoE/HW-study notes *REMEMBER A POP QUIZ CAN HAPPEN AT ANYTIME!!! 

T: Explorers Chart:** Vocabulary Quiz on Friday

rt/HW-study notes Explorers Bios are in files!!

W: Colombian Exchange/HW-study notes

TH: Guns, Germs, and Steel/HW-study notes


Week of 10/20-11/2 rt

M: 5 Themes Media

T: Age of Absolutism (AoA) Monarchy: HW/study notes

W: Key Terms HW/study notes

Th Finish Key Terms and Begin Countries/HW/study! Vocab. quiz tomorrow

F: Vocab Quiz and Countries



ALL Notes and study guide are in files LOOK under AoA!!!!!


Week of 11/5-9: Age of Absolutism (AoA) Test is Friday

M: Ivan the Terrible & Versailles/HW-study notes for Friday's Test

T: Prussia, Russia, England/HW-study notes

W: England & France + SS Fair/HW-study notes *Study Guides were passed out today!!There is as Jeopary review game at the link below

TH: Review/HW-study!!! Test tomorrow **KAHOOT link is below!!

F: Test


Week of 11/11:

M: Veteran's Day

T: NC Check IN standardized testing (altered schedule) Intro. to Scientific Method HW-Study notes

W: Same Testing as above-Begin scientists /HW-Study notes

Th: Copernicus, Kepler, Leeuwenhoek, Vesalius, Harvey/HW-Study notes ** Study Guide, PPT, fill in the blank for PPT are all in files. 

F: review/HW-study notes for Monday's SR Quiz ** Below is link to SR Kahoot


Week of 11/26-30"

M: Government Structure Discovery Ed

T: Enlightenment Readings and Questions/Study notes


TH: Enlightement pt.1/HW-study notes Link is below!`/HW-study notes




F: Continue with notes/HW-study notes


Week of 12/3-12/7: I have placed the two PPT's for The Enlightenment at the links immediately above above. 

Also,in files I placed an outline for notes and a study guide for the test on friday!

M: Enlightenment Thinkers/HW-study notes TEST FRIDAY!

T: Enlightenment Thinkers/HW-study notes

W: "Tell Me More" lesson/HW-study notes


F: Enlightenment Test


Week of 12/10-12-12/14: There will be an American Revolution Quiz on Friday!! PPT is in files!!

M: Snow Day

T: 3 Hour Delay-American Revolution Reading and  Note Questions/HW-Study notes

W: American Revolution/HW-study notes

Th: America:The Story of Us/HW-study



F: American Revolution Quiz


Week of 12/17-12/21: There will be daily quizzes on the previous day's material!!

M: Begin French Revolution (FR)/HW- Study notes FR PPT is in files!!!

T: Daily Quiz & FR notes/HWstudy notes/HW-study notes. Here is the quiz for tomorrow! Look in your notes! Also FR PPT is in files. 

1) Promise of the National Assembly not to disband until their goals were accomplished. 2) This prison/armory was attacked by the "sans culottes" on July 14, 1789? 3) This document declared that all Frenchmen are created equal. 4) Who were the Bourgeoisie? 5) Life, Liberty, and _________________ was the slogan of the French Revolution.

W: Daily Quiz/HW-Study notes

1212/20/18 Daily quiz 1) They were the most radical and ruthless of the political groups. 2) This machine was used for beheadings. 3) He was the leader of the Reign of Terror 4) This committee was formed to enforce the large scale executions. 5) Who were King and Queen of France at the beginning of the Revolution?/20/18 Daily quiz 1) They were the most radical and ruthless of the political groups. 2) This machine was used for beheadings. 3) He was the leader of the Reign of Terror 4) This committee was formed to enforce the large scale executions. 5) Who were King and Queen of France at the beginning of the Revolution?

Th: Daily Quiz & FR/HWstudy notes

F: Xmas Truce of WW I


Here is a link for a FR game to practice for the New Year!





M: Latin American Revolutions/HW-Study FR and today's notes for Wednesday's Test that was announced before The Break!

Today's Latin American Revolutions Outline and notes are in files under Latin American Revolutions

T: Review/HW-Study for test! 

FR Kahoot LINK:



Th: Napoleon Biography/HW-study notes

F: Napoleon


Week of 1/14-1/18:Napoleon PPT is in files !!

M: Napoleon's Achievements/Blunders/HW-study notes NAPOLEON QUIZ ON THURSDAY!!

T: Finish Napoleon & begin mini project/HW-study notes **Rubric and directions for the Napoleon Wanted Poster and The Obituary are in files!!!!!

W: in class project work/Th: study for tomorrow's quiz

Th: Napoloen Quiz & Waterloo Dance

F: Congress of Vienna (CoV)/HW study today's notes



T: COV Reading and terms/ HW-study notes There will be a vocab quiz on these terms on Wednesday or thursday, depending upon MAP testing!

W: Same as above + Unification of Italy/Germany for some/HW-Study all notes**COV PPT(notes) are in files under Congress of Vienna!! 

TH: Italy/Germany/ /HW-study all notes  

F: Italy/Germany & Review ** Notes in files under Unification of Italy/Germany along with study guide



 Week of 1/28-2/1:

M: Study Guides-KAHOOT/HW-study for tomorrow's test ******Here is the Kahoot link:

T: ER Day-Cov, Italy, and Germany Test

W: Industrial Revolution (IR)/HW-study notes

TH: IR/HW-study notes ** IR PPT Notes and Guided Reading are now activated in files!!!!

F:Effects of IR/HW-study notes **Industrial Revolution Study Guide has been activated in files

These supplies are needed PER CLASS. I will update this information as students bring in supplies for their class. This is needed by Tuesday 1/29. 5 packs of glue (crazy glue NOT Elmer’s) 33- 5 stick packs of gum (Juicy Fruit, Big Red, etc.) NOT the packs with more than 5 sticks of gum. 3 bags of gumdrops (3 gum drops on each car = need 99 gum drops total) toothpicks 40 lunch bags 2 bags of caramel candies (square caramels not Werther’s) 2 bags of fruit flavored lifesavers 40 latex gloves


Week of 2/4-2/8**IR TEST is Wednesday!! Effects of IR is in My files under IR Effects!!!!!!!

 M: Finish Effects of IR/HW-study notes 

T: IR Review/HW- Complete IR Study Guide & study ****IR Kahoot link is below! You'll have to open 2nd tab to play:

W: IR Test

TH: Assembly Line Activity

F: Child Labor Readings **** IR Child Labor Readings and Quetions are in files under IR Chilld Labor!!


Week of 2/11-15

M: Capitalism vs Communism ***IN FILES

T: Imperialism Stations/HW-study notes

W: Capitalism vs. Communism short quiz-Imperialism in Africa PPT/HW-study notes

TH: Imperialism in Africa continued/HW-study notes

F: Imperialism in Africa continued/HW-study notes*****Imperialism in Africa PPT is now activated in files!!!!




M: Finish Africa/HW-study notes

T: Boxer Rebellion/ HW-study notes

W : Junior Scholastic/HW-study notes

Th: Chromebook research/HW-study notes


 F: Review/HW - study for test!!!!!! Here's a Kahoot link!



WW I Map GAME Link is Below:

Week of 2/27-3/1

M: Imperialism Review/HW-study for test

T: Imperialism Test

W:  WW I Reading & MAP/HW-study map (QUIZ NEXT WEDNESDAY) I have placed a game link above and a filled in map and blank map in files under WW I map!!!!!

TH: Causes of WW I/HW-study map and notes

F: Causes continued/HW- study map and notes


Week of 3/4-3/-4/8:

M: Finish Causes/HW-study all WW I notes * Active in Files!!

T:POP QUIZ- Important WW I Vocabulary Terms & People/HW-study map & notes*PPT active in Files!!

W: WW I map quiz & finish Terms and People/HW-study notes

Th: WW I Why America Entered/HW- study notes

F: WW I: Why America Entered /HW-study notes*PPT active in files!!



Week of 3/12-3/15:

T: Trench Stations/HW-study notes PPT is activated in files!!!

W: Apocalypse WW I/HW-study notes

Th: End of WWI/HW-study notes

F: In class activity/HW-study notes WW I TEST NEXT FRIDAY!!


Week of 3/18-3/22: WW I Study Guide is in files!!!!

M: WW I Ends/HW-study all WW I notes **TEST IS FRIDAY!!!!!!!

T: Propaganda Posters/HW-Study for Friday's test

WW I Jeopardy Link is below:

Trench Warfare Game:

W: Finish Propaganda Posters/HW-Study for WW I Test

TH: Review/HW-study for tomorrow's test

WWI Kahoot Link :

F: Test


Week of 3/25-3/29: Quiz on Russian Revolution and Great Depression will be on Friday!!

M: Russian Revolution/HW-study notes ** Russian Revolution ppt has been activated in files!!

T: Great Depression/HW-study notes

W:/HW- study (quiz moved to Friday)

TH:Great Depression /HW-study notes *Great Depression ppt is activated in files!!

F: WW II MapRussian Revolution-Great Depression Quiz/HW-study notes ** WW II Map filled in and blank are in my files!!



M: Men Behind WW II- Fascism/HW-study notes and map Map Quiz will be Friday! Remember spelling counts!

T: Men Behind WW II/WW II : Agression/HW-study notes and map 

Here is a WW II map game! Note! The quiz will be somewhat different:

W: Same as Monday**WW:Men Behind WW is active in files!!

Th: WW II /HW-study map and notes

F: Quiz & Causes/HW-study notes

_____________________________________________________________________________________________________{__-_Week of 4/8-12:ATTENTION!!!!! I AM CONSIDERING A REDO FOR THE WWII MAP 

M Appeasement and WW II timeline/HW study all notes* Quiz on Men and Causes will be on Friday!!

T: Quiz redo's/HW-study notes

W: Causes/HW-study notes**WW II: Causes is active in files!!!

TH:WW II:Axis Agression  /HW-study notes ** WW II: Axis Agression is active in files!!

F:Quiz & Battle of Britain/HW-study notes

WW II Extra Credit Link:


Week of 4/15-4/18: Axis Agression/Battle of Britain Quiz on Wedenesday!!

M: Battle of Britain/HW-study notes**WW II: Battle of Britain is in files!!

T: Germany Invades the Soviet Union

W: Quiz

Th: NC National Guard WW II History Machine visits RMS!!

F: Spring Break!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


WEEK of 4/29-5/3: WW II Test Next Tuesday!!!! ALL WW II notes to this point are in files!!!!!! 

M:MAP TESTING-Pearl Harbor for 3rd and 4th/HW-Study all WW II notes

T: MAP TESTING-PEARL HARBOR for 6th and 7th/HW-Study all WW II notes 

W:NO School

TH: WW II: End of War in Europe/HW-study all WW II notes

F: WW II: Fighting in the Pacific/HW-study all WW II notes

Here are two Jeopardy Games:

Here is WW II Kahoot:

REMEMBER!! I placed a study guide in my files!!!!!!!!!!!!


Week of 5/6-5/10:

M: Atom Bomb **Article and Questions are in files (4-5 will be on Test)/HW-study for test!

T: WW II Test

W: The Holocaust/HW-study notes

Th: The Holocaust/HW-study notes (quiz Monday)

F: Holocaust /HW-study notes** WW II: Holocaust Notes and study guide are active in files!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Week of 5/13-5/17:

M: Finish Holocaust/HW-study for Holocaust Quiz

Here is a Jeopardy Review Game (remember, study guide has been in files since last week):htt

T: Holocaust Quiz, economic systems/HW-NCFE EconomicSystems Chart  is active in files

W: Economies


F: Math EOG 

LOOK IN MY FILES UNDER NCFE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Have your parents email me by Monday morning that you visited and worked on questions this weeken and I will reward you!!!!!


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