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Mr. Lamar Waller

Welcome to Mr. Waller's school center website.  I encourge not only parents, but also students to check this website weekly as it has a wealth of good information for all!  OH YEAH, PARENTS IF YOU EVER WANT TO DONATE ANYTHING TO MY CLASSROOM I ONLY ASK FOR ONE THING CANDY!!!!  I would be grateful for ANY candy you donate to my classroom.   



Hello, parents and students!  I would like to welcome you to not only my website, but also classroom. 

This upcoming school year will be my 13th year teaching here at Riverwood.  I look forward to the challenge of increasing every students’ love of history, geography, and all that encompasses Social Studies. 

Please take a few moments to get accustomed to this website.  I can not make any promises, but I will try my VERY best to update my school center page at a minimum of FOUR times each week during the school year. 

The most important sections of this website that you as a parent/student should pay the most attention to includes:  Document Manager, Classroom Calendar, and Practice Tests/Quizzes.

Below is some information on the various subsections of this website:

Grading/Late Work/Classroom Rules/Grading Scale:  In this section you will discover the rules of my classroom along with the grading scale/policies for late work.

Document Manager:  The Document Manager will be one of the MOST important sections on this website.  In this section you will find teacher copies of notes, study guides, and even teacher copies of maps that have been completed in class.  If a student ever loses their notes, or their handwriting leaves something to be desired, this section will help make sure students have the tools needed to be a success in this class.

Classroom Calendar:  This section is pretty much self-explanatory.  Anything that is assigned or due in this classroom will be listed in the classroom calendar.  I will even post the dates of upcoming tests/quizzes hopefully up to a week in advance (in most cases). 

Practice Test/Quizzes:  Before EVERY test or quiz I will post a PRACTICE test/quiz in this section.  You can ask ANY student who has ever used this section before how helpful it is.  If you want to have a leg up on any upcoming test or quiz THIS is the section to pay the most attention to (especially when I post the practice test/quiz).

What Did We Learn About Today:  In this section I will give a brief summary of the learning that happened in my classroom on a given day.  I may update this weekly or daily, it just will depend!

Test and Quiz Averages:  I take tests and quizzes seriously.  I expect all my blocks to perform well on the various tests/quizzes that will be given this upcoming school year.  In this section you will be able to see how each class compares to each other.  I will also provide feedback on how I feel blocks did in relation to the test/quiz taken.  Positive or negative feedback will be given! 

Homework Turn In Percentages:  I will admit I do not give as much homework as I used to, BUT I still expect students to turn in homework when it is assigned.  As an incentive for students to turn in their homework promptly, whichever class has the highest homework percentage turn in rate at the end of a given nine weeks will receive a P A R T Y!  That’s right I will buy everything, and the students will pig out.  Typically during a nine weeks each block’s homework turn in percentage rate is anywhere from 87% to 94%.

What’s On Your Mind:  In this section you are able to leave me messages about anything and I will respond back to you.  It does not have to be about just school!  Your message can be about sports, video games, animals, music, WHATEVER.  Just make sure it is appropriate for school.  I will view each comment before it can be posted on my website!

Mr. Waller 101:  This section just tells you some info about me.  Seriously, if I will be your child’s teacher for 180 days, I think it is only fair if you know a little about me.

Student Work:  I really did a terrible job with this last year BUT I will try to post the best examples of student artwork that is created in my classroom. 

If you leave a message in the section called "What's On Your Mind" it can take up to 24 hours before I respond to it.  Do not worry, if you leave a message I will ALWAYS respond back!