Mission, Vision, Values

  • Vision

    We will empower students to succeed in life by creating an educational atmosphere
    1) Utilizes our family of educational leaders to meet all students needs.
    2) Provides learners with a perspective of the real-world and their future path.
    3) Equips learners with the values, tools, and opportunities to be successful in life.



    Provide an authentic educational environment of invested educators and students that
    will facilitate a high level of learning through relationships, partnerships, and ownership of learning.


    1) Relationships - We will create relationships among staff, and with students, that
    embodies an atmosphere of acceptance, compassion, authenticity, and integrity.
    2) Ownership - We will continue to establish an environment of committed
    educators that create rigorous, flexible, inclusive, and relevant learning
    opportunities for students. This environment will allow students to be invested in
    their learning.
    3) Partnerships - We will develop partnerships with all stakeholders to provide a
    safe, open, and community based school.


    Revised August 2018