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Mr. Robbie Hopewell

I graduated from East Carolina University. I have been teaching in Johnston county schools for 13 years. I have several responsibilities within our school, such as facilutating Jump Rope for Heart, Field Days, and Walk to school. I have the opportunity to teach over a 1,200 students within our school walls. My main goal everyday is to educate our students on the importance of being physically active and having a healthy lifestyle. 

  • What are you doing to stay active outside of school?

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    I am trying to walk or run everyday as well as lift weights. I am also playing games with my family, having dance parties, and doing chores. What are you doing?


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  • Activities and Game Ideas:


    1. Mirror, Mirror: Stand face to face with parent or child, about a foot apart, and have them attempt to copy all your movements. Reach up and stretch to the sky. Do 10 jumping jacks. Run in place. Act like a monkey. Make it fun and you’ll both be working up a sweat in no time. Then Switch!
    2. Simon Says: Get your parent or child to play a game of Simon Says and they’ll do whatever active motions you dream up. But make sure you still make it silly- think animal movements, dramatic actions and on one foot. 
    3. Twister: Get in a good stretch by playing a game of twister. Don’t have the game? Make your own by taping paper circles on the floor.
    4. Movement Charades: Pretend to be your favorite animal, superhero or sports player by imitating their signature moves (no sounds allowed!). The rest of the players try and guess- first one to do so correctly, gets a point. If you have trouble thinking on the spot, write down some ideas and place them in a hat or box to draw from when it’s your turn.
    5. Freeze dance: Add-in a game to the dance party we all love, where one person stops the music and everyone else must instantly freeze. If you catch someone moving, they’re out. Last one standing picks the song!
    6. Bear Hunt: Hide a bear (any stuffy) somewhere in the house and the family finds it (use “hot” or “cold” if having trouble or need direction). Bonus: read “Going on a bear hunt”

    In your backyard: Walk, jog, and run on a family treasure hunt. Toss around as many different-shaped balls/objects. Learn to juggle or jump rope with the entire family. Count how many hula-hoop rotations everyone can do. Ride a skateboard, bike or scooter. Play hopscotch, foursquare and organize a family tournament.

    Tips for being active and healthy:


      • Schedule regular times during the week for your family to be physically active.
      • If available, use a pedometer/step tracker to see which activities use more steps.
      • Write down and discuss with family personal goals and track progress.
      • Wear loose fitting clothing and tennis shoes to allow freedom of movement.
      • Be sure to warm up. Stay flexible by stretching and cooling down after exercise.

    Also try: Limbo, Hide-and-seek, Red light- Green light, making an obstacle course, exercises from class, and tag games. 




    • Quotes of the Day:


      • “Happiness is not by chance, but by choice.” - Jim Rohn
      • “It’s not what happens to you, but how you react to it that matters.”- Epictetus
      • “Let your smile change the world but don’t let the world change your smile.”- Unknown
      • “You will never have this day again, so make it count.”- Unknown
      • “There are people who would love to have your bad days.”- Unknown

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  • Graduation Ceremony Information

    At this time, all traditional high school graduations are still planned for May 29. Graduation ceremonies for Johnston County Early College Academy and Johnston County Career and Technical Leadership Academy will now take place on May 16th, rather than the original date of May 15th.

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  • COVID-19 District Updates

    JCPS has created a COVID-19 COmmunication website. This site features all of the latest information surrounding COVID-19, including meal sites and delivery information, support opportunities, learning at home, and more.

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  • Board of Education Budget Work Session set for April 27

    The Johnston County Board of Education will hold a budget work session on Tuesday, April 27. The meeting will begin at 5:00 p.m. and be held in the Evander Simpson Building in Smithfield.

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  • Pick Up of Student Materials

    Any of our parents who were not able to pick up your child's materials earlier this week, can come and pick up those items between 8am and 10am or between 1:00pm and 3:30pm tomorrow (Wednesday, April 1st) or Thursday, April 2nd. We ask that when you come, please park in our front parking lot and come to the front door and knock. Someone inside will get the name of your student and the teacher's name and we will bring your child's items to you.

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  • Books/Materials Pick Up Information

    Procedures for picking up books/materials is below: 1st Grade- Tuesday, March 31st from 8am to 9am 2nd Grade- Tuesday, March 31st from 9am to 10am 3rd Grade- Tuesday, March 31st from 10am to 11am 4th Grade- Tuesday, March 31st from 11am to noon 5th Grade- Tuesday, March 31st from noon to 1pm -If there are any left over Kindergarten packets or if Pre-K has any materials for pick up, parents can come between 8am and 9am on Tuesday, March 31st (with 1st grade). -We will have siblings materials with the youngest sibling so parents don't have to come multiple times. -Parents will drive through carpool line and will not exit the vehicle;parents will give us their child's name and their teacher's name and someone will bring the items to their car.

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  • River Dell Drive Thru Parade

    In order for our teachers and staff to see as many of our students as possible, we are inviting all RDE students and families to come to RDE for a "Drive Thru Parade." This replaces the previously planned neighborhood parade. Our parade will take place Friday, March 27th from 4:00pm to 5:30pm. Please enter the carpool line and wave to your teachers and staff as you drive through. They will be positioned all along the carpool line with signs waiting to wave and shout, "Hello!"

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  • River Dell on Twitter

    Mr. Jewett will begin to record morning announcements on our Twitter page. He will do the pledge, call out birthdays, and share any other information each morning. If this is a way you would like your child to start their day, please visit our River Dell Elementary Twitter page to view that video.

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  • Learning Resources

    There are resources for students at the following website- You can also access that page via a link on the Johnston County Schools website. Starting on Monday, March 30th, through that website you can select our school, River Dell Elementary, and access learning activities by grade level. Our county has planned the first 10 days of activities, and our teachers are planning activities starting with day 11 and going through May 15th. Our teachers are also reaching out to you and your students about office hours for your questions time to have virtual contact and help our students.

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