Welcome to the 2020-21 School Year!

    We are thrilled to be back in school and looking forward to an exciting year with our new fourth graders! Mrs. Morgan and I will be team teaching virtually this year; I am reading, writing and social studies, and Mrs. Morgan is math and science.  It is going to be a year unlike any other, but we promise to make it GREAT!


    Most information for parents (and students) will be sent to you via email or Google Classroom.  We will email parents when our Google Classroom is up and running and ready for you to use.  The wonderful Mrs. C. is creating them for the entire school (so families with multiple children in the school will have some consistency). Assignments and announcements will be posted there regularly. We will also email parents and sometimes students with important information, so we ask that you check your email frequently.


    If you need to reach us for any reason, email is the best way: DanielleReichard@johnston.k12.nc.us and CynthiaJMorgan@johnston.k12.nc.us  You don't need the capitals in there--I only put them to make it easier for you to see.  I check email regularly and will get back to you quickly, though weekends may take 24 hours. If I do not reply to you within 24 hours, it means I did not receive it.


    You can access our Back to School Informational Slide Show Here: Back to School 2020-21 Slideshow  This includes the school supply list (yes, we still need all the supplies!), as well as two forms to parents to complete ASAP. To access your child's schedule and Google Meet codes/nicknames, please see your email. 


    Don't hesitate to reach out if you have questions!  Thank you, parents, for your help in making this transition a smooth one so far!


    :) Mrs. Reichard



    8:20-8:45   Arrival & Prepare for day

    8:50-10:30   Block #1

    10:40-11:10   Lunch

    11:15-11:45   Recess

    11:50-12:20   Targeted Learning Time

    12:25-2:15   Block # 2 & Working Snack

    2:15-2:35   Read to Self & Pack up

    2:40-3:30   Enhancement

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