Internal Audit Department

  • Internal Audit Department Logo The Johnston County Public Schools Internal Audit Department strives to protect funds, promote public trust, and ensure compliance with school board policies and procedures. Under the direction of the Johnston County Board of Education, the Internal Audit Department conducts audits to support and promote transparency, integrity, and accountability with respect to internal financial controls of funds. Our goal is to provide effective communication regarding policies and procedures to contribute to the success of Johnston County Public Schools. The Internal Audit Department assists Johnston County Public Schools employees, as well as volunteers with our school-related organizations, with compliance issues and general accounting procedures.

    The Internal Audit Department investigates tips received through the online Fraud Reporting Form, which is open for use by employees and the general public to report allegations of fraud, waste, and abuse. All fraud tips can be submitted anonymously.

    Report Fraud Link

    Please feel free to contact the Internal Audit Department staff members if you have any questions or concerns. Our office is located at 601 W. Market Street, Smithfield, NC 27577. We want to partner together with our staff members and volunteers to promote excellence in Johnston County Public Schools.