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I have been teaching Art at North Johnston High since 2001. I have been passionate about Art since my early childhood. I earned my undergraduate degree at Barton College: a BFA in Computer Graphics and Commercial Design. In addition to teaching Art, I serve as North Johnston High's Technology Facilitator. There is no finer place to work or be than North Johnston High. Go Panthers!


    Classes (Fall 2021)

    • Block 1 - Introductory Visual Arts 1 -  CLASSLINK CODE- hor5fti
    • Block 2 - 
    • Advanced Honors Visual Arts  -  CLASSLINK CODE- lzriafh
    •               Intermediate Visual Arts   CLASSLINK CODE- lzriafh
    • All Students should have a sketchbook and colored pencils. Sketchbooks should be RING BOUND. Please do not buy sketchbooks that have pages glued in, as these will fall out and your child will end up losing much of their work.


    Art Syllabus



    Art 1

    Everyday for 30min you should draw in your sketchbook, sketches can be of different things that inspire you. Feel free to explore your creativity during each of these sketches. This time is meant to help build your illustration skills. You should draw for 30min. This does not mean you have to have 1 sketch per day. You may have 2 or 3 per day, or you may work on a more detailed sketch that might take 3-4 days. Evey day you need to date your work at the bottom of that page(s) that you worked on. If you work on the same sketch multiple days, date it under the precurring date.


    Using the web, research and WRITE a description of each topic to show that you have gained some understanding of each particular area and background of that field of art. You are to use the web as your tool to LEARN. DO NOT USE THE WEB AS A COPY/PASTE interface. You are better than this!

    Feel free to contact me if you have questions.

    Art 1 You will have projects that you'll do weekly. In addition to those, you will have the summaries below you will do.

    Each will be due at the end of the week. Each summation should be at roughly one page.



    • How it was done in the 1970’s and 1980’s (Week 1)
    • How it was done in the 1990’s and early 2000 (through 2005) (Week 2)
    • How it is currently being done and new things on the horizon (Week 3)


    Architecture (Then and Now)

    • Find the 10 most famous pieces of architecture. What makes them famous? (Week 4)
    • Find 10 rather RECENT architecture marvels and what makes them stand out. (Week 5)
    • List 10 famous Interior Designers. Which one of these 10 appeals to you the most? What is it about thier work that you like? (Week 6)


    Logo Design

    • How were logos created in the 1970’s and 1980’s (Week 7)
    • How were logos created in the 1990’s and early 2000 (Week 8)
    • What are newer techniques and tools that graphic designers are using to assist them now and in the future? (Week 9)

     Art 2 & 3 (Honors will have a seperate googlemeet to discuss your independent project contract)

    This is independent work so you should be able to keep working right in your sketchbook. ALSO, aside from these different projects, I encourage you to keep working independent of these in your sketchbook to keep inspiring your own personal creativity!

    Art 2

    Independent Art 2 Projects


    -Create a Font- Create / design a font. Include all of the letters of the alphabet. The style of the font should follow each letter from start to finish. This should be done in your sketchbook (or you can tear it out and use sketckbook or other paper) and gridded off so you have 26 or 28 squares to place each letter inside of. Label your work in one of the unused squares 

    -PICK A LETTER– Make a still life out of 3 small objects that all begin with the same letter. Try to make them look as 3-dimensional as possible. Label your work.

    -ANIMALS – Draw an animal from life or from a picture. Add as much detail, texture, shading as you can. Try to capture the gesture of the pose.  Label your work.

    -FACIAL FEATURES – Cut out 2 pictures of noses, 2 pictures of eyes, and 2 pictures of mouths from a magazine or other source. These pictures need to be as big as possible. Paste them to drawing paper so you have room beside each one to carefully draw it, including shadow, shape, and other details. Label your work.

    -5-VIEWS  – Divide the paper into 5 boxes. Draw a different view of your opposite hand you draw with in each box – above, below, side, angle, inside, etc. Label your work.

    -DETAILS – Zoom in on an interesting detail of a vehicle, a machine, a building, or other large object. Draw in careful detail, using shading, stippling, or hatching to create a very 3-dimensional effect)

    -PERSPECTIVE – Draw a house or building from real life or from a picture. If you use a picture, save it with your artwork. Use the art skills you’ve learned about – perspective, vanishing point, foreshortening – to make it look as realistic as possible. Include details around the building – people, bikes, cars, shrubs, trees, etc – to make the drawing interesting.

    -STUDIES – When you carefully copy a famous artwork, it is called a ‘study’. You are learning by studying how the other artist created their work. Pick a famous painting and use colored pencils or paints to recreate it as closely as possible. Label your work with the artist’s name, the name of the painting, and the year it was painted.

    -ILLUSTRATION – Create a drawing, painting, or other artwork that carries specific information and meaning.

    • Illustrate some information from an interesting book or article you have read.
    • Illustrate a specific interesting fact from one of your textbooks or classes at NJHS.
    • Illustrate a song, myth, story, or poem. Label should include the name and writer for the original piece, and your caption (probably the line or sentence you are illustrating).
    • Illustrate an interesting word. Think of a fairly difficult word, and create an illustration that will help everyone in our Art classes remember the meaning of that word. The caption can be the definition of the word.

    -MAP – Create a map from your house to school. Include road names and landmarks.This should be accurate enough for someone to follow to your house, but should also be interesting and fun as a piece of artwork.

    -ABSTRACTION – Start with a photograph of something. Use the colors, shapes, textures, etc from the photo as the building blocks for a completely abstract color drawing or painting. Save the photo  with your work. 

    -ART CAREERS – Investigate two interesting art careers. Take notes of useful information – type of work and job responsibilities, skills needed, training required, salary levels, demand in the present market, working conditions, etc.

    ART SCHOOLS – Investigate 2 options for training in Art after high school. Create a 2 page Presentation that includes the name and location of the schools, basic information about their programs, and basic cost information (you can use small type). Include links to the school’s website and other useful information.  Feel free to email to

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  • JCPS to Utilize New Website for Bus Updates

    Our district is launching a new portion of our website to further communicate bus delays and replacements with our families. We encourage those who have a student who utilizes our transportation to get to or from school to visit for updates on our school bus routes beginning Tuesday, January 18.

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  • ACCESS testing for English Language Learners

    North Carolina schools are required to administer ACCESS for ELLs 2.0 to all students identified as English Learners (ELs) in the spring of each year to determine their progress in learning English. Each student is tested in four areas: Listening, Speaking, Reading, and Writing. This assessment helps us monitor their English language development.

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  • Updated COVID-19 Quarantine Guidance

    Our district is continuing to follow the guidance and recommendations from the Johnston County Public Health Department, the CDC, and the Strong Schools NC Toolkit, and we will now adhere to a 5 day quarantine period for students or staff members who tests positive for COVID-19. This is a change from the previous 10 day quarantine time.

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  • JCPS offering Test to Stay Program

    Johnston County Public Schools is participating in the Test to Stay Program, a voluntary study with Duke University and the ABC Collaborative. Due to that participation our students now have more options if they are deemed a close contact to a positive COVID-19 case while at school.

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  • JC Board of Education approves 2022 JCPS salary schedule

    The Johnston County Board of Education voted unanimously to approve the 2022 Johnston County Public Schools salary schedule at their regularly scheduled Dec. 14 meeting.

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