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    What Is Career and Technical Education, Anyway?

    Career and Technical Education (CTE) provides students with the academic and technical skills, knowledge, and training necessary to succeed in future careers and to become lifelong learners. CTE prepares these learners for the world of work by introducing them to workplace competencies, and makes academic content accessible to students by providing it in a hands-on context. Funding is provided through the federal Perkins legislation to help colleges enhance their CTE program.

    CTE can be used as a way for college-bound students to investigate potential areas of study at the next level. They will be able to "try it before you buy it," which will help prevent students from starting down one career path in college only to discover it's not the right one for them. Such a late discovery would cost both tuition and time. 

    This experience will help students not only make sure the overall field is right for them, but also to narrow down potential areas of focus within the larger are of study. They will get hands-on, practical experience with potential careers so they can weigh their options and make more-informed decisions about their futures. 


     Benefits of CTE Courses

    With CTE, students succeed.

    1. Students are more likely to graduate. In North Carolina 98 percent of CTE high school students graduated.

    2. Students develop employability skills. In North Carolina 93 percent of CTE students went on to postsecondary education, the workforce, or the military.

    3. Students achieve in both CTE and other subjects. Students who integrate CTE with their academic pathway have higher acheivement in reading, mathematics and science.

    4. Students gain job-specific skills related to a specific career pathway. In North Carolina 80 percent of CTE postsecondary students met performance goals for technical skills. 

    5. Students can earn nationally recognized credentials in specific career pathways. Credentials are offered at no cost to the student. (In the 2017-18 school year, West Johnston led the state of North Carolina in the number of Microsoft Office Specialist Certifications among 3A schools)

    5. There is no charge for tuition.