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Mrs. Myers

¡Hola! and Welcome to Spanish class! 

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My name is Takiyah Myers.  I'm one of the three Spanish teachers at Cleveland High School.  I was born and raised in Southern California but have lived in the south for over 20 years.  I am married and have one son.  I earned a bachelor's degree in Spanish from Emory University and a master's in education at UNC Greensboro.  I travelled to Costa Rica when I was 15, to Spain when I was around 20, and back to Spain again after becoming a teacher.  I started teaching in 2005 in Georgia, moved to Johnston County in 2009, and found a home at Cleveland High School in 2011.  I like being a little dramatic, coming up with different ways to teach, laughing with students at those "funny moments," and pushing everyone to use the language.  It allows you to connect with people in a way you couldn't otherwise.

Is Spanish easy?  Well...we all have strengths and weaknesses.  For some people learning a language is difficult.  For some it's easy.  And for some it's somewhere in the middle.  The best way to learn is to try to relax and know that you won't understand everything all at once.  You also may not understand things as quickly as the student next to you.  But you CAN learn.  Pay attention, follow along, do the work, take a deep breath if you feel flustered, and ask for help.

Together we WILL have a great semester!


Phone: 919-934-2455 ext. 2028


Tutorials: Tuesday A & Friday C

Open: Monday B, Tuesday B (or R.E.D. Club), Wednesday C, Friday A 

Technology Platform: We will use Canvas for submitting any electronic assignments.  Students will be introduced to Sra. Myers' Canvas page during class.  Parents may sign up to view their student's assignments on Canvas by following these instructions: JCPS Canvas Parent Instructions.