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Lauren Glasgow

Hello! Welcome to Mrs. Lauren Glasgow's website! I am a graduate of East Carolina University and love PURPLE and GOLD! I teach Civics and Economics and American History. Come ready to learn about our nation's rich government and economy!

  • Supplies and Materials:


    Notebook paper

    Tape or glue

    Colored pencils

    3-5 Subject notebook


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  • Fall Class Schedule:

    1st Block: Honors Civics and Economcis

    2nd Block: Honors Civics and Economics

    3rd Block: Planning

    4th Block: Honors American History II

  • Civics and Economics Unit Assessment Dates:

    Free Market and Role of Government Test- January 29

    Personal Financial Literacy Test- February 11

    Trade Quiz- February 15

    Principles of Democracy Test- March 4

    Branches of Govenment Test- April 1

    State and Local Govenrment Quiz- April 8

    Influence on Government Test- April 18

    Citizenshp Quiz- May 3

    The Law and You Test- May 16



  • American History Unit Assessment Dates:

    Unit 1 Test- January 14

    Unit 2 Test- January 24

    Unit 3 Test- January 30

    Unit 4 Test- February 7

    Unit 5 Test- February 21

    Unit 7 Test- March 14

    Unit 8 Test- March 25

    Unit 9 Test- April 4

    Unit 10 Test- April 18

    Unit 11 Test- May 9

    Unit 12 Test- May 16