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Mr. Lewis

Drafting I and Architectural Drafting II and III

I have worked for 23 years in combination of drafting and civil engineering fields. I have experience with AutoCAD, AutoCAD Civil 3D, 3D Revit, Pro-Engineer, and 3D Inventor. This year will be my 8th year in the teaching profession. I work part-time during the school year and full-time during the summer months at Dalton Engineering in Clayton. This opportunity keeps me up to date with the current trends of engineering, while enhancing my CAD skills to share with my students. By learning the latest applications of CAD software, students are prepared to go out and have the ability to work in multiple facets of engineering if they so choose to follow the career path of engineering. My wife Sarah is an Assistant Principal with Johnston County Public Schools. We have three children, Hannah, James, and Charlie.

  •  2nd quarter

    2nd quarter-2

    Thank you for taking an interest in your child's education, and thank you for participating as a Canvas Parent!  Please look below the schedule for specifics on how to access your child's Canvas course.


    BLOCK 1: Drafting 1
    BLOCK 2: Drafting 1
    BLOCK 3: Planning
    BLOCK 4: Architectural Drafting 2
    BLOCK 1: Planning
    BLOCK 2: Drafting 1
    BLOCK 3: Architectural Drafting 2
    BLOCK 4: Drafting 1



    Tutorial requirements:

    Class average A-B: Exempt

    Class average C-D: 1 tutorial in the 3 week period

    Class average 60-below: 1 tutorial per week


    Progress Report Dates

    September 8

    October 1

    November 6

    December 4

    January 22

    February 16

    April 1

    May 3


    Report Card Dates

    October 26

    January 11

    March 23

    June 3

    You may click HERE to create an access to view your student's Canvas course as well as read the details below.

    Canvas is the Johnston County online learning community that I use in conjunction with the classroom teaching and activities for my classes.  In some of the class reference material I refer to Canvas as our "e-classroom."  What is Canvas?  Canvas is a very simple and straightforward teaching and learning tool for students and teachers that keeps parents connected to daily classroom activities.  Students will use Canvas on a daily basis to receive homework from teachers, submit completed assignments, take tests and quizzes, participate in classroom discussions, have access to a calendar which lists all current and upcoming assignments, tests and quizzes.  It provides the ability to message teachers quickly, and much more!  As a parent, you will be able to see graded assignments/quizzes/tests, access the calendar listing upcoming assignments, quizzes and tests, and have the ability to message teachers quickly.

    (Please note that PowerSchool is our official Student Information System and that final grades that appear in Canvas may not reflect the official grade which is recorded in PowerSchool.  In regard to grades, parents should only use Canvas to see individual assignment/task grades and teacher comments.  To access your student's official PowerSchool grades, please stop by the front office and complete a Parent/Legal Guardian Portal Request Form.)
    How to register for a Parent Canvas account:
    Please follow this video for a walk through on these topics:
    1. How to create an account as a parent
    2. How to add additional students under the same account
    3. How to view assignments, calendar, and upcoming events
    4. how to change your personal settings

    The video makes reference to the following pieces of information that you will need to know:
    1. Institutional URL: 
    2. Your child's username and password.  Usernames are the student's school ID number.  You will need to ask your child for the password.

    For a complete list of Parent/Observer tutorials, please visit this website:
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