• Welcome to Mr. Orilio's 8th Grade Virtual Science classroom!



    Science rocks!


    Supply List for Mr. Orilio's 8th Grade Virtual Science.

    These supplies should be at home to be used for various assignments.

    • A Chromebook
    • pencils (some work will be done on paper)
    • erasers (you will make some mistakes)
    • colored pencils (everybody loves to color!)
    • calculator (the one used in Math classes is linked on Google Classroom, called Desmos)
    • graph paper (many graphs will be done on paper)
    • ruler


    • Contact Mr. Orilio

    Email - justinorilio@johnston.k12.nc.us

    Phone - (919) 553-7500 x2232

    Text - sign up for Remind and send a text.

       How to sign up for Remind

    To sign up to receive text messages: Standard text messaging rates apply.

    1. Send a text to 81010 with the message @oriliosci

    Or to sign up to receive emails:

    1. Send an email to oriliosci@mail.remind.com


    • CvMS Grade 8 Virtual Academy Schedule of Classes

    8:30 – 8:55              Morning Meeting / Homeroom

    9:00 – 10:00            1st Block

    10:10 – 11:10          2nd Block

    11:10 – 11:50          Lunch

    11:50 – 12:50          3rd Block

    1:00 – 2:00              4th Block

    2:10 – 3:00              5th Block


    • Curriculum – 8th Grade Science Essential Standards
      • Matter: Properties and Change.
      • 8.P.1 – Understand the properties of matter and changes that occur when matter interacts in an open and closed container. 
    • Energy: Conservation and Transfer.
      • 8.P.2 – Explain the environmental implications associated with the various methods of obtaining, managing, and using energy resources.
    • Earth Systems, Structures and Processes.
      • 8.E.1 – Understand the hydrosphere and the impact of humans on local systems and the effects of the hydrosphere on humans.
    • Earth History.
      • 8.E.2 – Understand the history of Earth and its life forms based on evidence of change recorded in fossil records and landforms.
    • Structures and Functions of Living Organisms.
      • 8.L.1 – Understand the hazards caused by agents of diseases that affect living organisms.
      • 8.L.2 – Understand how biotechnology is used to affect living organisms.
    • Ecosystems
      • 8.L.3 – Understand how organisms interact with and respond to biotic and abiotic components of their environment.
    • Evolution and Genetics
      • 8.L.4 – Understand the evolution of organisms and landforms based on evidence, theories and processes that impact the Earth over time.
    • Molecular Biology
      • 8.L.5 – Understand the composition of various substances as it relates to their ability to serve as a source of energy and building materials for growth and repair of organisms.
    • CvMS Grading Policy

    The following areas will be evaluated:

    • Practice Assignments: provide students with feedback and guide instruction (include Classwork, Warm-ups, Homework, Cooperative Learning Activities and some Quizzes)
    • Mastery Assignments: measure student mastery of a given goal/concept or skill (include Quizzes, Tests, Projects, Presentations and Skills Checks) 

    Practice Assignments will not be used to calculate a student's numerical grade.

    Only Mastery Assignments will be used in the calculation of a student's final, numerical grade.  Students who do not complete Mastery Assignments will receive a grade of NOTPROG (not progressing).  Once completed, these scores will become a factor in determining a student's final grade.  Athletes will not qualify to participate in sports until all Mastery Assignments are completed.


    • Class Assignments and Homework

    All class materials will be posted on my Google Classroom site. Students will use an online textbook.


    • Tutoring

    Tutoring for science will be offered on a as-needed basis. Please contact Mr. Orilio for specific times and days.


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