• There are many resources here for parents to assist a child who is having special needs:

    • Language Acquisition
    • Child Development
    • Bullying Prevention
    • Dual Language Classroom Participation

English Language Learners

  • Aquí hay algunos sitios web especiales que pueden ser muy útiles para los estudiantes que están aprendiendo Inglés como segundo idioma.
    (Here are some special websites that can be very helpful for students who are learning English as their second language.)

    U.S. Department of Education (Spanish)

Participate Program


    Participate (www.participate.com) partners with schools and districts to provide leading-edge technology, comprehensive frameworks and support services. These programs and services impact student outcomes by improving teacher practice through collaborative professional learning. For 30 years, educators have used Participate’s professional development and curriculum, language acquisition and cultural exchange teacher programs to create engaging learning environments that empower teachers and inspire students to create impact on a global scale. 

Bullying Prevention

Curriculum Resources