The Johnston County Public Schools Elementary Instructional Program is based on the Standard Course of Study as prescribed by the North Carolina Department of Education. While being committed to academic excellence, our most critical responsibility is to provide a world class, quality education that meets or exceeds our customers' expectations. In short, we are committed to providing the best possible, least restrictive education for all of our students based on the requirements set forth by the state of North Carolina and the Johnston County School Board.

    Our elementary teachers are committed to providing a caring and nurturing environment where our students can successfully learn to be productive citizens. They deliver instruction in a manner suitable for each individual student. Student progress is monitored and assessed on a regular basis in order to provide the student will ample support and guidance.

    In addition to classroom instruction, many schools also provide extracurricular activities for our students such as a county wide spelling bee, Soil and Water Conservation activities, after school End of Grade preparation sessions, and student wellness activities. It is our intent to help all of our students develop into well rounded individuals who have a firm grasp of the basics of the K-12 curriculum and to prepare them for the next level of their education.

    How do you enroll your child in public school? North Carolina public schools serve every child who comes to their doors, as long as that child is 5 years old on or before August 31st. Programs are available statewide for children with special needs--including academically gifted children. Typically, any child who is 5 years old on or before August 31st will be enrolled in kindergarten. To enroll, a child needs proof of immunization against diphtheria, tetanus, whooping cough, polio, mumps, and red and German measles. Certain exemptions are possible for extenuating health or religious reasons. All students need proof of a current physical examination when enrolling in North Carolina schools for the first time. Children are enrolled in the school district in which they live, and school assignments are made by the local school system. Schools provide a wide-range of academic opportunities, as well as support services. School lunch and breakfast are usually offered for a nominal fee.

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