• CTE - Learning that works for Johnston County Mission & Purpose

    The mission of Career and Technical Education (CTE) is to empower all students to be successful citizens, workers and leaders in a global economy. CTE gives purpose to learning by emphasizing real-world skills and practical knowledge. Programs in Career and Technical Education are designed to contribute to the broad educational achievement of students, including basic skills such as reading, writing, and mathematics, as well as their ability to work independently and as part of a team, think creatively, solve problems, and utilize technology. These tools and experiences make school more relevant, and ensure students are ready for the real world. Whether students plan to further their education in community colleges, technical schools, four-year colleges and universities, receive on-the-job training, or pursue careers in the military, CTE can be the first step in a pathway toward productive employment and citizenship.

    CTE Program Design

    Career and Technical Education (CTE) leverages program areas to facilitate career pathways for students. Programs are designed to facilitate exploration that leads to more occupation specific and technical career training. CTE programs integrate rigorous academic, technical, and employability skills within the context of career preparation. CTE works to align programs and expose students to labor market needs and new or emerging occupations. CTE works to achieve our mission by building and supporting programs that include:

    • Competency-based curriculum and instruction
    • Industry-recognized credentials 
    • Articulated college credit
    • Real-world equipment and facilities
    • Work-based learning 
    • Career development and planning
    • Tailored support for special populations
    • Career and Technical Student Organizations

    Middle School

    Middle grades students have reached a critical age when they can explore careers and begin to make decisions and develop future plans. CTE curriculum and experiences for middle grades students are designed to be exploratory in nature, exposing students to careers and job functions. Students will develop a knowledge of self and the world of work and establish a Career Development Plan that brings the two together.

    High School

    As students develop more self-awareness, autonomy, maturity, and intellect, career plans and experiences become more specific, complex, and technical. Career and Technical Education provides hands-on applied learning experiences that build academic knowledge, problem solving skills, employability skills and specific career skills. Students have opportunities to participate in increasingly challenging experiences through project-based learning, work-based learning, and Career and Technical Student Organizations. 

    Program Areas

    Career and Technical Education in Johnston County Public Schools is facilitated through various program areas. The program areas function as fields of study with unique knowledge and skills, research and best practices, student leadership opportunities, and professional development needs.  

    • Agriculture 
    • Business and Marketing
    • Career Development
    • Computer Science and IT 
    • Family and Consumer Sciences 
    • Health Science
    • Technology, Engineering and Design
    • Trade and Industrial 

    Learn more about CTE program areas.

    Career Academies

    The academy is a smaller learning community that focuses on a career theme and is integrated into students’ studies including their core curriculum courses. Each year the same group (cohort) of academy students takes a Career and Technical Education course aligned with the career theme, as well as one or more core classes together. This school-within-a-school model may be either a three- or four-year academy. Each academy student participates in several work-based learning activities such as job shadowing, career fairs, career themed industry tours and an internship. Academy students are prepared to participate in these experiences through their cohort academy courses. Each academy student is required to do an internship that relates to the academy theme. The internship will be for 120 hours.



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