• Johnston County Public Schools offers several high-quality programs to prepare students for success in kindergarten and beyond. Johnston County Public Schools Exceptional Children’s Preschool Program commits to the following philosophies when providing services to children:

    • Promoting development of the whole child including social/emotional, adaptive behavior, language, cognitive, and motor skills.

    • Providing a safe and clean environment that is child-centered and encourages learning through exploration and discovery.

    • Monitoring students’ progress through a variety of standardized assessments, observations, curriculum guidelines, and parent reports.

    • Supporting and recognizing diversity among children within the school environment.

    • Establishing a partnership between parents and school staff that supports the child during his/her early school experiences.

    • Respecting play for its value as an appropriate learning style for children ages 3-5.


    If you are need of preschool for your child, please use the chart below to identify the program that best fits your child’s needs. 


    Which program is best for your child?



    Title I

    Head Start

    NC PreK

    Fee for Service

    Exceptional Children’s Preschool



    Is your child in need of additional academic support in preparation for kindergarten?


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    Is your family at or below 75% of the state median income?


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    Is your child eligible for special    education or do you suspect your child has a disability?




    Are you interested in a tuition-     based preschool option for your child?