Driver Education

  • Safe Driving Program Update as of 9/8/2020: On September 8th, the JCPS Board of Education approved for the JCPS Driver Education program to restart behind the wheel (driving) instruction. 


    DE Instructors will contact students who need to resume driving instruction from the spring, to schedule drive times as soon as possible. Details about virtual classroom opportunities will be shared when available. Our first priority is to resume/complete instruction for students who were enrolled in Driver Education at the time of school building closures in March 2020.


    Keep in mind, all participation in Driver Education is voluntary. 


    If you have questions, please contact the Driver Education Instructors at your attendance area school.


    Parents, this site is devoted to you as a resource guide to assist you in keeping your student driver safe. Johnston County Public Schools is dedicated to ending the pain of teen driving fatalities.

    Remember, you hold the keys. You decide where and when your child drives or rides with others.

    Below is information regarding how Driver Education is being changed as well as the new enforcement policies regarding parking passes.

    Student Eligibility Requirements for Driver Education...

    • Must be 14 1/2 years or older
    • Must be high school students ONLY
    • (8th graders during the summer before 9th grade are eligible)
    • Must attend Mandatory Parent/Student Meeting with parent or legal guardian
    • Must sign all paperwork

    Driver Education Information:

    You will notice in the schedule that Driver Education consists of a mandatory parent meeting before the actual curriculum delivery begins. This required meeting will provide parents with a "Drive to Live" contract, an explanation of the graduated license law, and the opportunity to hear from parents and law enforcement about the consequences of unsafe driving. An overview of the drivers education curriculum will be given by the instructor.

    Driver Education consists of 37 hours of classroom work, behind the wheel instruction, and a four hour defensive driving class (Alive at 25). "Alive at 25" is a statewide course developed for teenage drivers in North Carolina. The feedback from students is overwhelmingly positive with comments such as:

    "It will make me think more about driving safely."

    "I didn't know driving was such a serious responsibility."

    "I didn't know that other passengers in the car could cause me to have an accident."

    "It was scary, but I am glad I had this course. I will be a much safer driver."

    FEE Information - Board Policy 3580

    Parking Passes Require Completion of Alive at 25


  • HARD FACTS for Parents and Students:

    • Distractions are the #1 reason new drivers crash. Johnston County has the highest rate of teen driving fatalities in North Carolina.
    • Car crashes are the leading killer of teenagers.
    • Sixteen year olds are 3 times more likely to die in a car crash than other drivers.
    • The risk is not just to the driver. Two-thirds of teens killed are passengers of other teen drivers.
    • A teenage driver with a single teen passenger faces twice the risk of a fatal crash.
    • With two or more teen passengers, a fatal crash becomes five times more likely.
    • Know with whom your teen is driving.
    • Know who is riding with your teen.

    Contact Information:
    Jamey Phillips - Driver's Education Coordinator
    (919) 284-2031
    Amanda Allen - Executive Director of Social and Emotional Learning 
    (919) 934-2518 x 1029