Transportation Announcement

  • ATTENTION JCPS FAMILIES:Johnston County Public Schools is phasing out the use of Here Comes the Bus. Beginning January 3, 2022, Edulog Parent Portal will replace Here Comes the Bus. Find more information on how to utilize the Edulog Parent Portal here  

Transportation Services

  • Johnston County Public Schools Transportation Services seeks to provide our students with safe and efficient transportation to and from school. Each school year we operate more than 300 school and activity buses. Our school buses travel more than 22,000 miles each day, transporting more than 23,000 students daily. Transportation Services also provides several resources for parents including: 

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  • Over the past several years bus stops have been combined together to be no closer than .2 of a mile apart. Also, we no longer go into subdivisions or side streets for middle and high school students that live less than .5 of a mile from the entrance or intersection. For safety reasons elementary students will only have to walk out of subdivisions or side streets that we presently travel, if they live more than .2 of a mile from the stop. Johnston County Public Schools is devoted to providing the safest mode of transportation for all our students.

    Parents are responsible for making sure their child arrives at the bus stop safely and on time and ready to board the bus. Please help us keep the children of Johnston County safe by observing school buses and students standing at bus stops. If you are a parent, please have your child at the bus stop early. By all of us working together we can keep our children safe.