LtCol David Garnish

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Degrees and Certifications:

LtCol David Garnish

LtCol Garnish spent 21 years in the Marines flying the AV-8B Harrier.  He spent most of his flying time in Yuma, Arizona but also spent time in Japan, South Korea, and on Navy ships sailing the Pacific.  He flew 43 combat missions into Iraq during Operation Desert Storm.  During his career he also did tours in the Pentagon and working for US SouthCom in Miami.  He began teaching ROTC at Clayton High when he retired from active duty in 2005.

  • This will be a unique year, but I am sure we will do great.  For this year, previous students should be signing up for Naval Science 3 and ANS3, unless you are a senior, then NS4.  If you are interested in being on the competitive drill teams, sign up for our 4th block Leadership/Drill and Ceremony class.  We will be using Canvas for class activities this year as long as we are virtual.  Keep track of your class, don't get behind!  Check out the calendar for all of our upcoming events.

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     Here are the Google Meet codes for all of our classes.  Academic assignments will be on Canvas as well as the PT attendance, make sure you are completing everything on Canvas.  We have kept it very manageable for you.  Your class Canvas page also has the Google Meet codes and times.


    Monday and Thursday Classes

    ANS3 1st Block 0815 - 0915    Code akm-jeek-vqo

    NS3    2nd Block 0920 - 1020   Code hca-xjcr-xwj

    3rd Block 1025 - 1125    Planning

    Drill    4th Block 1130 - 1230    Code kof-orva-yvf

    Remediation        1300 - 1400  Code uek-jcjd-vvo


    Wednesday PT

    Complete Canvas assignment for Wed, there will be a couple of options or you may do exercise on your own.



    Tuesday and Friday Classes 

    These are uniform days and there will be no synchronous learning for those not face to face.  


    Here are the instructions to log on to Classlink.  You will get to the canvas class from there.

    Classlink Instructions



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