Mr. Daniel Manzer

Phone: 919-553-4064


Degrees and Certifications:

Mr. Daniel Manzer


My Name is Daniel Manzer and I will be the instructor for Environmental Natural Resource Management 1 and Horticulture 1 for the Fall 2018-2019 Semester.


I use Google Classroom for my students and will include the classroom codes below for each class. 


Environmental Natural Resource Manzagement 1:j3xj60g

  Horticulture 1: 2n6cfik

  My syllabus is linked below for each of my classes.


Nat Res 1 Syllabus

Horticulture 1 Syllabus


If you would like to contact me or learn more about me please visit my Instructor information Tab located on the left action bar of this page. 


Thanks for all you do to be supportive of our students here at Clayton High School





  •  1st Period Horticulture 1

     2nd Period Horticulture 1

    3rd Period Planning

    4th Period Natural Resources 1

    5th Period Natural Resources 1

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