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Degrees and Certifications:

Visual Communications, BS Certification Art Education, K-12 Art Education, MAED

Magen Pike

Welcome to Art !

I am looking forward to working with you this semester! Below is a description of expectations and rules for the art classroom. It is essential that each student understands and follows these guidelines, to create a positive working environment for everyone. Also, feel free to contact me if you have any questions or concerns. The best time to reach me is through email. I most often schedule conferences during after school hours.

Course Description:

Art I is a prerequisite course for all other higher level visual art courses. Your performance determines if you proceed in these courses. Disciplined based art will be introduced, involving art production, criticism, history, and aesthetic values. Within this discipline the class will creatively utilize the elements of art, and begin to explore the principles of art such as Balance, Contrast, Harmony/Unity, Emphasis, Proportion, Pattern, Movement and Rhythm.

Art II is a course that teaches students advance techniques. Students will explore a variety of two-dimensional and three dimensional media throughout the semester to build artistic confidence and creativity. This course will lay the continuing groundwork for further study in other art classes, or to help in your own artistic endeavors.

Class Codes:

Google Class Code ART 1: 2n3pf5x

Google CLass Code ART 2:  2n3pf5x

Remind:  Enter this number:  81010 Text this message:  @kfed69

Classroom Rules and Expectations:

  1. Follow and abide by all school rules and policies.
  2. Follow directions and stay on task
  3. Respect others and their work.
  4. Come prepared, with all materials.
  5. Use art materials properly.
  6. No other homework is done in art class except ART.
  7. You are responsible for your own clean up. I will tell you when to clean up.
  8. You must get permission to leave classroom.
  9. Be in seat when tardy bell rings. Be at your table before class is dismissed.
  10. No profanity, inappropriate language, horseplay or grooming

Consequences of not meeting classroom expectations:

1st Offense: Verbal Warning

2nd Offense: Verbal Warning and Contact Parent/Guardian

3rd Offense: Referral and Contact Parent/Guardian


Projects: 50%

Tests/Quizzes/Classwork: 40%

Daily Work: 10%

* Grades will be determined based on written work, tests, projects, sketchbooks, and active participation

You will receive a grade for each project. When you turn your project in ON TIME you have the chance to receive points out of 100. If you do not turn your work in on time it is considered LATE. Late work will not be excepted the next day. However, you can turn your work in by the next project due date to receive a grade no higher than a 79.  Now, if you turned your work in ON TIME you will have the option to redo your work for a higher grade. You can receive up to half the missed points. You will have one week to resubmit your work and you must make a note as well as tell me so I know to go back and look for your work.

Artistic Integrity:

Plagiarism policy does not apply only to the written word, but also to visual plagiarism. All students are expected to exercise artistic integrity throughout the course and not use another’s idea as your own.

Project Documentation:

Documentation is a very important aspect of art making and will be crucial component to this class. Most often, a viewer will not be able to travel to see an artist’s work in person, in a gallery or museum, but will instead see an image of it in a book or on the Internet. A work of art can also be time-based, which means that it is impermanent in nature. Because of this, it is important for work to be well documented, in order for it to exist beyond the limits of a specific place and time. You will be required to document each assignment in a digital format that is appropriate for your project.

You will be told ahead of time when your work is due.

On your due date you will need to do two things:

1. Upload Photos to GoogleClassroom. You will need a final stage of your artwork. Photos should be of the

best quality, cropped and enhanced if needed.

2. You will present your work in front of the class. Your peers will critique your work during this time.

Bring Your Own Technology Policy:

Please note that there will be a designated time and place for it to be used. The only time it is appropriate to use tablets, laptops, smartphones, etc. will be when permission is granted. The use of technology should not be assumed. There will be no watching Netflix, YouTube, scrolling through songs, etc. during class, this will result in consequences. This is considered misuse of technology.



  • 9X12 Sketchbook
  • Pencil
  • Color Pencils (prisma is the best)
  • Hand held pencil sharpener
  • Fine tip ink pen
  • Sharpies (black and colors)
  • Hair dryers
  • Mini glue guns
  • Mini glue sticks
  • Tissue paper
  • Zip lock bags
  • Sandwich size Tupperware containers with lids.
  • Black Sharpies (anysize)
  • Industrially produced objects

It’s going to be a FANTASTIC YEAR!  I look forward to teaching art to you and hope I can spark some creative thinking and appreciation of the subject.


  • 7:55-8:20 Breakfast
    8:20-8:25 Homeroom
    8:25-9:35 Block 1
    9:37-10:17 Curriculum Enhancement
    10:19-11:29 Block 2
    11:31-1:06 Block 3 & lunch 
    1:08-2:18 Block 4
    2:20-3:30 Block 5

  • ALL Art Students (5th - 8th)
    Poster Board - (Student Portfolio) - THIS IS A MUST item!!
    Number 2 Pencils
    Color Pencils
    Pencil Sharpener
    Glue Stick

    Wish List

    Watercolor Set
    Band Aids
    Acrylic Paints
    Paint Brushes
    Egg Cartons

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